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  • Day 12 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️


    A quick check in this morning as I am chasing my tail …I am so tired at the moment … and have woken with a bad headache 🤕 . Drank more water than usual yesterday so it’s not that …
    FD yesterday went well and I’ll aim for another tomorrow . Hoping to keep today as controlled as possible.
    Yesterday was one of those days which was very busy but not very productive … hopefully today will be better as I have lots to get through.

    Have a good FD fasters!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Cracking day yesterday, really excellent morning out by the waters edge! Fly fishing has been something I’ve enjoyed all my life.
    My Dad used to take me sea fishing for flatfish, plaice, dabs and flounder when I was a kid. The local tackle shop owner knew I was keen, so when I was about 11 he took me down onto the river to try fly fishing. He was a member of the local salmon syndicate there, he and the other Gentry (it was a posh sport then) fixed me up with all the gear, which thinking back he’d arranged it, I went home with all the gear and a couple of fish! That was over 50 years ago and remember it well.
    Never looked back and have always looked to pass gear on to youngsters ever since.

    @linda.b – I often give a trout to neighbours and I also have a smoker which I can hot smoke a couple of fillets. One of the neighbours shocked me one day we were having a meal with them and she commented that smoked trout was getting harder to find. Then I found out it’s more expensive that smoked salmon!!! Mainly because most smoked salmon is farmed!

    So a really good day yesterday and a very easy FD, slept like a log head hit pillow, next thing blackbirds singing their heads off this morning, sleep of the innocent 😉

    Boy I love retirement ….

    Take care all

    Day 12 – UK – FD/CD

    After a lovely weekend in Suffolk catching up with lovely friends which naturally involved lots of yummy food and wine so definitely Fri-Sun were NFD – I drove back yesterday (it was a CD) and happy to report that my weight is exactly the same as when I left on Friday – strange but I will take it!

    So lucky with the weather over the past 4 days – lovely sunny days and therefore made the long motorway drive bearable!

    Going out to meet the regular walking group later this morning for a wander to Hampsfell, which is one of Wainwright’s Outlying Fells and lies above Grange-over-Sands and features some fine limestone pavement. At the summit, the Hospice which was constructed in 1846 by the vicar of Cartmel – @i-hate-lettuce I’m sure you know the area

    It’s about 40mins drive from where I live but will be nice for a change – coffee will be at the lovely Tea Rooms on The Promenade (owned by one of our running group!)

    Aiming for a FD800 🤞but will take a CD if it does not work out…..

    Hope all those with various injuries/illness have recovered or are on the road to recovery 🤗

    Time for another cup of tea then get organised to get out…..

    Day 12 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Weigh In: 165.2

    Came home to a kitchen almost finished but a mistake made in door measurements for one cupboard so they are too big, plus not all door hung and only one set of handles on one cupboard. The carpenter is our next door neighbour and is hanging the doors for free so we won’t complain. He will finish what he can today and we wait for the correct size door to come in.

    So after that, he told us about a cat sitting on our kitchen window inside our house, but then he saw our cat asleep outside on the patio. This cat had come in through the open front door and was trying to escape out the closed kitchen window and then ran around the house until it left how it came.

    But, later in the evening, I heard a crash and smash, and DH came into the hall and I came down the stairs, and a lovely crystal vase had smashed onto the floor, water and flowers everywhere, and a terrified cat cowering in the hall stand desperately trying to escape. We opened the front door and it climbed over it to make its escape. The pandemonium in the house with my cat!!!

    Stressful evening. Today will be calmer. Happy FD

    Day 12

    Day 12 – UK – FD800

    Yesterday’s FD800 was actually a CD. I also stood on the scales this morning and I’m heavier than I was before the weekend (by 1lb) and am 2lb above what became my new set point / buffer zone in March so I’m definitely pushing on with the FD800s this week. Was quite peckish this morning but have resisted the urge for breakfast and am going ZBC to lunch.

    @funshipfreddie – lol I smiled at your ‘it’s only food, right?’ comment. I’m going to keep repeating that today.

    @i-hate-lettuce – your neighbours are very lucky! It’s true, smoked trout seems a lot more expensive than salmon – as you say, it’s not farmed like salmon is. Seeing your post has reminded me to check the Osprey cam again today. Our little wrens have disappeared now, so can only assume they’re nesting.

    @daffodil2010 – that all sounds very chaotic with the cats! Sorry to hear about your vase being smashed.

    @at – great news you’ve stayed the same. Definitely take that! It sounds like a lovely weekend.

    @jaifaim – I hope the headache settles down today

    I’m also chasing my tail a bit today too – many deadlines are looming so need to get cracking. Have a good day!

    Day 12 pocket list 🌷

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Chaos in my province today due to torrential rains for the last few days. Last night was really bad; today roads flooded, schools closed, mudslides, trees down, power outages. People told to stay home if possible, so I’m going nowhere 😳

    Otherwise all good! The dams are full, I guess, & the trees that are still standing are very green 😃

    Day 12 pocket list 🌷
    @at FD/CD

    Day 12 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 209 lbs. Quick check-in before a busy day. My next WFD will be on Thursday, to pace out the FDs (the following one to be the Monday after Easter). Stay safe, @funshipfreddie.

    Day 12 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    My FD yesterday was not as planned since cheese and wine were included. My RESOLVE seems to have packed up and moved away. On the other hand, I worked really hard in the garden–the day was gorgeous–and got nearly all the rest of the dead stuff cleared out from last year, so those many extra burned calories were demanding some sustenance. And this morning I was down 2.0 lbs from yesterday, so there’s some water weight and bulk out of me. The odd thing is that my stomach is somewhat bloated…no idea why. It keeps it up and that skirt at Easter will NOT be comfortable, LOL!

    Currently it’s 53/12, which all by itself is weird, because we’ve been right around freezing overnight for the last two weeks. The wind is blowing hard right now, and between 2 and 6, it’s supposed to jump to 85/28–and then drop right back to 53/12. That’s the kind of weather that brings ugly storms with it, so I’m really thankful most of it won’t happen until after I’m safely home again this evening. Spring!

    @matpi I hope I didn’t make it sound as if that’s what I would eat now, because, indeed, low calorie foods are a far better choice for my body these days. I was simply trying to explain what I used to do to “shrink my stomach.” 😜 And, no, I sure wouldn’t order watermelon…but both times DH and I traveled to Israel, watermelon was EVERYWHERE as part of the buffets we enjoyed, so perhaps that’s the logic?? 🤷‍♀️

    @jaifaim That headache and tiredness sound as if they’re stress-related; I do hope today is far more productive for you, so you can sleep well tonight and feel far better tomorrow!

    @i-hate-lettuce What a lovely story about the men fixing you up with fly fishing gear; that must have made them just as happy as it did you, given how thrilled you clearly were!

    @at Loved imagining you with all the fun you had over the weekend, the lovely drive on the motorway, and now a lovely walk today…and what a great treat that your weight didn’t change!

    @daffodil2010 What a funny story about the cat wandering in, but how stressful it had to have been in the evening, and how sad about the vase!

    Wow, @funshipfreddie, how awful. I hope the rain stops so the standing water finally has a chance to soak in.

    @northgeorgia Awww, nice number!

    I finally replaced my eight (??) year old phone yesterday, so this morning’s job is to start the transfer from old to new; it should be fast and easy and get done while I’m in the shower. We hope anyway, LOL!

    Day 12 pocket list 🌷
    @at FD/CD
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Day 12, London, UK, NFD

    I’m not just ‘late’ on parade, but there’s tumbleweed being blown across the parade ground!!!😱😱

    Uurgh, I just haven’t been able to get my act together, my mum is struggling (another small step downwards with her Alzheimer’s😢😢) and I completely understand why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!!! I know it’s a sure fire way to stall weightloss and the frustration had me throwing in the towel & pleading/praying for just ONE full nights sleep!! I’ve had the doctors adjust her sleeping meds, so fingers crossed as the bags under my eyes have morphed from small clutch to handbag, to overnight bag and now I would be fined for excess baggage!!!

    Anyway, LIFE happens and it’s no excuse to throw in the towel, so back to fasting, I’ve 5 weeks to fit into a skirt that currently looks more like a legwarmer!!!🤣🤣 I can & I will with just a smidgen of RESOLVE!!!

    Unfortunately, (No offence God) it’s Easter weekend, which means hot crossed buns, luscious lamb, the full roast dinner accompaniments, dessert & ……………… I won’t even pretend I can swerve ANY of it, my fasting muscle has withered!! 🦴 I need to get some meat back on the bone 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽!!

    I’ll try my very, very best to be present and superglue my not so insubstantial bum to the wagon ……………… Promise!!!

    “Every time I go on a diet, something crops up to spoil it. Like Christmas, holidays, Birthdays, Saturdays, Tuesdays …….”🤣🤣

    Day 12 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    Ah there you are @flourbaby it is great to hear from you and so sorry to hear that your mum has deteriorated.. it is very difficult for you and takes such a toll on you both physically and mentally. Also your time is just not your own when you are caring for another so really appreciate you being here and letting us know you’re ok. Be easy on yourself and it’s great to hear from you whenever you get to check in… we’ve all been rumbling along grand but we missed you 💕

    Headache lifted… down to new meds I think but it helped to keep me on track today as just haven’t felt that hungry.. thanks for all your kind thoughts 💕

    @i-hate-lettuce you are a great advertisement for retirement I have to say… and @at your lovely description has brought back great memories for me of a walk from Cartmel up to Hamsfell Hospice (I think that was the name of the structure) and on to Grange – gosh that’s nearly 10 years ago now but loved it… used to walk a lot over there. I have to remember the name of the quirky b&b – the owner was a hoot 😂. Now I want to go back of course 🏃‍♀️.
    It was all happening in your house last night @daffodil2010 😂 🐈‍⬛. I hope the crystal was not a really good one… 🥲

    Hope all you fasters are having a fun day.. and that you stay safe @funshipfreddie. 🌧

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 13 – Wednesday- Gold Coast Queensland Australia – NFD 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🌞🌞🌞

    A new day dawns and happy to say weighed in this morning, although not my regular WEIGH DAY, and teasingly has dropped 400g…. go figure! So this is a new low for me and I will be a slave to the regimen to keep it!🤣

    Again a lovely blue sky and 90 minute early morning walk. I listen to the radio to catch up on the news and current affairs while walking and heard about the flooding rain in Durban. @funshipfreddie I feel for you having just gone through similar here over the last month. Hope you stay above the waterline and safe🤞🤞 Once it stops, then the next thing is the cleanup. Mud, mud, mud… then mould, mould, mould! Take care!

    @daffodil2010 – hearing you about the uninvited houseguest! I have an Eastern Water Dragon taking up residence in the garage. Asked him politely to leave but he’s not listening to me…LOL. Fortunately, because he is in the garage, he can’t damage anything (no crystal vases there🤣) but the garage has an internal door to the house so I’m being very careful to keep that closed as I don’t want to be chasing a giant lizard around the house!

    @flourbaby I also hear your dilemma. It’s not easy caring for an elderly aged parent. I too cared for my Mum back in the 1990s and listening to you brings it all back as if yesterday. Dementia is such a cruel disease and I know how very, very tiring it is caring for your Mum with every day a repeat of the day before, the constant laundry – washing it, getting it dry, preparing the meals and then feeding her, toileting and bathing her, with no respite from the repetitious necessary tasks and the fact you must be present and alert 24/7. In my day there were no day respite centers but I believe they exist now where you can place your parent for a day or just a few hours to give you a break just to go for a walk or shopping or just to breathe. Is there something like that near you? You are doing a wonderful thing but please you must ask for help even if it is just someone (a friend or relative even) to come in for a few hours to give you some breathing space. Please don’t try to do this all on your own. In the meantime you can be sure everyone here on the forum is sending out good wishes your way. 🙏

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s FUN DAY (FD) the last before you know what…. ta dah, drum roll… Easter!

    (quote unknown source)
    It’s time to replace what you were doing with what works. Not because of the guilt, the shame, or the regret. Do it because you deserve better!

    cheerie dearies😘

    Day 12 Ohio, US — NFD

    Eating was well-regulated today, primarily because I had to have just a light supper due to not feeling up to par yet.

    @flourbaby You are doing a wonderful thing caring for you mum!! Hope her new meds work and you can get all the sleep you need!

    @stitchincarol Hope my rant about the class wasn’t too off-putting. What mystifies me is that while we do get taught “watermelon” we don’t get taught just “melon” which is a nice cognate and can be used in almost situation. Maybe if I live in France for a year and go to open markets …

    @northgeorgia Great progress!! With any luck, Monday after Easter will be equal or less!!

    @funshipfreddie Wow! Mother Nature really hit your area hard! When I owned a house there were several times the flood waters covered my yard and were lapping at the front porch, so I can empathize with how nerve-wracking torrential rains can be. Hope you all come through in good shape!

    Day 13 – Ireland – FD 🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    Had a good day here yesterday with some fun thrown in despite the rain… nothing like Oz or SA but a grey mizzly day for most of the day. Brightened up last night thankfully so got out to clear the head…

    @matpi yup that’s exactly where I would use watermelon – in the French market or little grocery shop. I do love a nice fresh watermelon/mint salad in warm weather so dishes like that on a menu might jump out at me… your post reminded me that I had had to look up “pączkis” as had never heard of that…
    I hope you are feeling a little better now.

    Congratulations on the new low @linda.b 👏 your hard work is reaping rewards… must be all that fun you’re having 🤩

    Another busy day so up and away early…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list 🐪


    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Weigh in :165.2

    FD yesterday became a non event as I discovered a packet of salted peanuts that called my name as I was rearranging stuff in the new kitchen and putting stuff away. I took not 1, not 2, but three handfuls of the darn things before having sense and throwing in the bin.

    Moving on and keeping on.

    Thanks for the comments re the cat visitor and the crystal vase. I Did’nt say this yesterday, but I am a wee but superstitious, and here in Ireland we have what’s called the “dead knock”, where there is a an unexpected knock at the door and nobody there, or a picture falls off a wall for no reason etc….and then shortly later you hear the news that somebody close has died. Well, my Dad bought me that crystal vase many years ago, so when it fell, as I thought, unexpected and with no reason, from the hall table, my first thought was my Dad and was he ok 😱

    So I was actually very pleased it was just a nosey local cat who had wandered in and couldn’t get out 😆

    Stay strong @flourbaby, you are a wonderful daughter to your mum, lots of hugs to give you strength and enjoy Easter.

    Have a good Wednesday.

    Day 13, London UK, FD800,

    Thanks all for the welcome backs & empathy regarding my mum💕

    @linda.b my situation really isn’t that bad, I may have mentioned it a few times here🤭, but I ….. LOVE …… SLEEP (& red wine, but that’s a different conversation🤣), so the disturbed nights really do a number on my wellbeing (I would do anything for a lie in!!), hopefully it settles down soon🙏🏽🤞🏽🙏🏽. We have a carer who stays with mum 7am-7pm Tues – Thurs, as these are the days I go to work, and my brother takes my mum on a Sunday to spend the day with his family so that’s MY day. My mums condition is nowhere near as bad as some others, she ‘just’ has a terrible short term memory and just needs supervision for washing, dressing etc, no cooking of course, but she makes up for that by eating for 10!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I hope you and the snake charmer are keeping your paws dry!!🙏🏽🙏🏽

    @daffodil2010, I had a run in with a bag of salted peanuts last week, I just couldn’t stop returning to the bag!!! Portioning into a ramekin was all well & good …………………… until I was on the 4th ramekin!!!!🥜🥜🥜Not quite as bad as those Thai chilli coated ones or peanut M&Ms, but 4 ramekins was more cals than I used to have on an old school FD500!!!!😲😲😲

    Today I’m determined to complete this FD in style and drown🚰 any dragons🐲 that have the audacity to even think about roaring in my empty🤐 tummy!!!!

    “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @linda.b – I’m inspired by those 90 minute early morning walks! I can manage the 90 minutes; it’s just the early morning bit I struggle with. The last few days I’ve been doing most of my walking on the spot in front of the TV. Yes, it’s been horrific here. At least 45 people killed, still people missing, buildings collapsed, containers floating down the highway. And the power went out during the night, so I’m tapping away on my phone. We’ve currently got some guys removing a huge pile of mud that slid down into our parking area, so I’ll shortly at least be able to get my car out.

    @daffodil2010 – the dreaded salted peanuts?! I learned my lesson with those; I buy the smallest 30g bags, & just one at a time. Maybe I should buy the miniature wine bottles too? 🤔 Um, no that won’t happen 😏

    @flourbaby – you’re back, yay! You were indeed missed. The snake charmer 😂 is safe & dry, unlike the snakes, & fast asleep on my lap.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 13 UK NFD

    Morning all , waved my visitors off last night Had a great weekend and DBIL smashed his PB for the marathon 4.15 which I think is pretty amazing

    Now to get back to normal, not stepping on the scales just yet , aim for good day today , fast tomorrow and might dare weigh in on Friday

    Will catch up on post later but shocked to hear how bad the weather is @funshipfreddie and great to see @flourbaby back
    Happy 🐫day all

    Day 13 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 213 lbs. Tomorrow’s another FD!

    Day 13 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Yesterday’s WFD went fine, with my only “cheat” being a piece of gum around nine o’clock last night…despite guzzling water, I couldn’t beat off the growling stomach, so the gum helped a bit. All week is planned as very little food (gotta shrink that stomach, you know, so the skirt fits nicely 😂😂), and there’s lots and lots to do to help make it easy enough.

    The weather yesterday turned just as ugly as expected, and when I left my last piano lesson at 7:30, I looked at that sky in the direction I needed to drive (about a half hour), and thought, nope, not gonna do it. So I drove the mile to Walmart and went inside to do my shopping. Sure enough, within ten minutes an announcement came over the speakers that the registers were shutting down and the doors were about to be locked, and customers had the choice of leaving or going into the cooler–where it’s the sturdiest and safest in a tornado–with employees. So there I was in the cooler–and SO thankful to have my raincoat with me, LOL!–surrounded by people, all of us on our phones watching radar. The power went off for lots of people, and some tornadoes struck down, but I haven’t heard of any particular damage. Then we were suddenly told it was fine to come out again, I finished my shopping, and was on my way home. Not an evening I’ll quickly forget! 😜🤣😂

    @flourbaby I’m so sad your mom’s Alzheimer’s is progressing further, and sleep deprivation is the worst. Prayers for you and your mum, honey. SOOOO glad you checked in to say hello; we understand now why you’ve been missing…but never doubt how much we miss you when you’re not here with us.

    @matpi You should ask your instructor about “melon” and explain your thoughts; it would be interesting to hear the response!

    @funshipfreddie Oh, how AWFUL everything is for you! I’m so glad you’re safe and sound.

    Okay, must dash. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket list 🐪

    Day 14 country west Australia NFD
    Sorry to have been MIA. but affected by Covid worse than I had hoped.
    General lethargy and bit of brain fog alongside ‘ just a head cold’ feeling.
    Not eating much of anything which is a plus!
    Several ‘ accidental’ FDs since last post as loss of taste is a bugger.
    Hope everyone is healthy and doing well on 5:2. Will read posts later.😴

    Day 13 Ohio, US — NFD

    The day has turned out well, even though it was a close thing. The day was super busy so I didn’t have time to make afternoon tea in advance, so I tried some protein bars that I had purchased for just such a contingency. Probably there was something I was allergic to in the bars and I wound up eating them all. Fortunately by skipping supper I was able to keep the calorie total to within the day’s quota. Last week when I was travelling something similar happened but the calories weren’t kept under control. I need to find something pre-made that can serve for an on the spot meal without making things go haywire.

    @lilymartin I hope your recovery is swift and complete!

    @stitchincarol Wow! A pretty thrilling evening, indeed! Glad no one was hurt. Saturday is the next full moon, so extreme weather wouldn’t be a surprise in these days.

    As for the French course, it seems to me that almost all language courses I’ve come across share the same weakness. They like to give lots of specific vocabulary. But when I learn a word, I also learn a “category” word that goes with it. You can learn many specific names of buildings, but really just the word “building” is really more helpful. If you know that you can always ask, “What’s that building?” My idea is that a second-language learner will almost never be able to learn all the specific vocabulary that a native speaker knows. But with category words you can get by without anyone being the wiser.

    @brightonbelle Impressive accomplishment by your DBIL!

    Day 14 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅

    Oh those demon peanuts 👿 🥜 I can’t have them in the house 🙃.
    Have managed to avoid buying peanut butter for a couple of months too but was in Lidl last week and decided I “needed” to taste their crunchy big tub and it’s delicious.. bad news for me although I can limit the amount of PB I eat better than peanuts themselves…

    @daffodil2010 I’ve never heard of the dead knock ✊… glad your dad was ok but sad that the vase was not 🥲

    Hey @lilymartin, this variant seems to be really knocking people badly after the initial infection.. take care of yourself and hopefully you will be back to full strength soon.

    @brightonbelle so glad you had fun and well done to your BIL 👏👏 !!!
    I’m shocked too by all these extreme weather events and it’s just so sad to think of all those lives lost 😞 @funshipfreddie it came really close to you 😱how frightening that must have been.

    @stitchincarol my god just the thought of you taking refuge in your raincoat in a cooler.. thank god you didn’t freeze 🥶. But very impressed you got the rest of the shopping done afterwards😂.

    We have that Friday feeling here 😀… Good Friday tomorrow so many businesses will close. Its my favourite long weekend / break as there is none of the pressure of Christmas 🐣 🐥🤩

    Have a lovely day everybody… keep walking … and talking… 👋.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 14 – Thursday- Gold Coast Queensland Australia – FUN DAY (FD)🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

    Managed the 90 minute walk this morning which may be last till Tuesday. I agree @funshipfreddie that the walk is the easy bit; the hard bit is getting out of bed!😆🤣

    Have to rush, I’m on my way to my DD for Easter and will be back on board on Tuesday.

    After all our hard efforts I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    cheerie dearies😊😀😉

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Weigh In : 164.2

    Won’t be having anymore FD’s until next week, the long Easter weekend is almost here, we are taking a boat and cruising down the Shannon River from tomorrow until Tuesday morning so really looking forward to it. DH bringing the fishing gear, lots of lakes abound, oh I can’t wait.

    @flourbaby…I Laughed at the ramekins….I SO do that….sipping a glass of wine with a ramekin of peanuts, then refilling the ramekin, and on and on……but the ramekin is more refined than shovelling handfuls of them into the mouth 😨

    @stitchincarol oh my goodness, your cooler story at Walmart sounds exciting, but so glad that no serious damage done. Certainly nothing like that ever happened here in my local Lidl while shopping 😀 Glad you are ok.

    @funshipfreddie that weather even you had is also horrific. Glad you and Boo-Boo ( the mighty snake killer) are fine.

    Have a great Easter everyone. I will be busy getting ready for our weekend on the waterways tomorrow so if I don’t pop in, have a great one.


    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Didn’t sleep well at all last night, so I’m postponing my FD to tomorrow.

    Just been Googling ‘ramekin’. Is it just me? I’ve NEVER heard that word before🤦

    @daffodil2010 – yes, it’s been horrific; over 300 people killed & the number is rising. At least the rain’s stopped for a while, but there are more weather warnings for the weekend. 12 crocodiles were also on the loose after getting washed away from a croc farm not too far away. 7 have been recaptured already. I just hope Boo Boo doesn’t stumble upon them, & that she can tell the difference between a crocodile & a snake! Enjoy your boat trip ⛵️

    Pocket List – Day 14 🍏

    Day 14 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Was AWOL yesterday, slept like a log woke early, keen to get off out for a fishing day;) Great day it was as well, collecting on some of the extra ‘brownie points’ I’ve earned recently getting house jobs done.
    Today waiting for deliveries, some furniture which requires some assembly and a home day fettling and sorting. Just one more kitchen unit to follow, may arrive today, but waiting for carrier to get in touch, Mrs I-h-l very suited with recent reorganising of the house 🙂

    @funshipfreddie – sounds like a rough time with extreme weather, good plan, staying indoors and taking cover for the moment!

    @at@jaifaim – Hampsfell area, there are some fabulous walks on the outskirts of the Lake District and never as busy, we often take to the southern fells. We can actually see Hampsfell from our kitchen window!

    Take care all

    Pocket list for Thursday’s Fast Day

    Day 14 – UK – FD
    Day 13 – NFD

    Had a lovely day out dog walking with DD and a surprise lunch out as an early Easter treat – so the anticipated FD/CD went out the window 🤣

    Today is a new day and with RESOLVE I’m in for my one and only FD this week 💪

    @brightonbelle – well done to your BIL 👏
    @daffodil2010 – cats!!! Sorry to hear about your vase being smashed. Don’t mention nuts……one of my real temptations and using a ramekin has never stopped me overindulging 🤣 Your trip on the Shannon River for Easter sounds fab – enjoy!
    @funshipfreddie – nature can cause such damage – over 300 people killed 😱 hope you all stay safe
    @flourbaby – It’s not easy caring for an elderly aged parent especially one with dementia – we are here for you 🤗
    @lilymartin – so sorry to hear that your Covid experience has been so bad – hope you are now on the road to full recovery x
    @stitchincarol – taking refuge in your raincoat in a cooler to escape tornadoes – how protected we are where I live – no such weather extremes
    @linda.b – so impressed with your early mornings 90min walks – I’m happy to walk but sadly I am definitely not an early morning person

    Joining today’s FD as I need all the support to keep my RESOLVE strong 🤞

    Pocket list for Thursday’s Fast Day

    Day 14, London, UK, FD800

    I’m feeling inspired today to JUST KEEP GOING!!!! I can’t keep looking backwards (I’m not heading that way anyway!!) & being disappointed in rapidly reacquiring so much of the fat I managed to discard so easily over a couple of years of 5:2, ……………. I took my eye off the ball and now there’s nothing to do but pick it up & start again!!! I’m practically a newbie!! RESOLVE💪🏽💪🏽

    @brightonbelle, quickly read your post (didn’t even register the marathon bit!) and couldn’t figure out how your DBIL smashed his peanut butter!! Did he drop the jar I wondered???🤣🤣🤣Can we see where my head is at right now???😋😋😋

    @lilymartin, feel better soon and know, those unplanned FDs are firmly on the bright side!!🌤

    Crazy weather (in my experience anyway) for @stitchincarol & @funshipfreddie, I can’t even imagine it!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m truly envious especially as you should have fantastic weather (Suncream at the ready!!) Have a great time …………………. Are you cooking the catch or releasing??

    @funshipfreddie, unfortunately ramekins tend to contain the things I truly need to avoid (even in individual portions😂) ………… puddings, crème brûlée, souffles, custards, crumbles and cheesecakes not to mention PEANUTS!!😲😲 I hope the crocs head home and definitely avoid the snake wrangler who’s fearsome name alone should scare them off ……………. Er……. Um ….. “Boo-Boo” ……………………. Well, maybe!!🤣🤣

    I had a relatively good night last night once my mum finally settled, unfortunately, Bo-Bo would NOT come in when called (he has a girlfriend!!😻😻) and decided to cry at the window at 12:30am, so another disturbed night and it took forever to get back to sleep!!! Cat soup was looking like an option last night ………………. Of course, I mean this morning!!!😠😡😠

    Anyway, back to work so I can keep busy until 2pm ‘breakfast’!!!

    “I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” – Audre Lorde

    Day 14 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. Let’s have another WFD then make it through the holiday weekend! I have Good Friday off this year, too, so a three day weekend awaits. Next week and the week after have some traveling involved. So after today, I’ll just fast on Monday and Wednesday next week. And for the time being, the final week of the month will be Sunday/Monday and Wednesday. In theory, that would make my highest weigh-in for May on May 1. May holds two weekend events: a family reunion and Memorial Day weekend, so Easter has to train me how to prepare 🙂

    @funshipfreddie I saw the flooding on the BBC. I hope the future storms predicted rain out before they reach you!

    Speaking of bad weather, @stitchincarol that had to be a very frightening experience. I saw the news about the tornados in the midwest. This time, that line weakened before they reached us here.

    Let’s hope for sunshine and strength on our FDs!

    Pocket list for Thursday’s Fast Day

    Day 14 UK FD

    Ha ha @flourbaby Strangely PB has never been on my radar but a few weeks ago when I was low carb ing I made some Keto PB cookies – I’m a convert 🍪

    Back to plain ol <500 cals FD today then Easter I’d like to say I’ll stay on the straight and narrow but those Hot Cross Buns are calling

    Pocket list for Thursday’s Fast Day

    Day 14 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    I ate more than planned yesterday, but nothing terribly awful, and didn’t eat anything after 5:30 last night. Today’s plan is for the same.

    @daffodil2010 Your boat trip sounds divine, enjoy!
    @funshipfreddie Wow, 300 people dead so far?? So, so awful.
    Several of you: Yup, I’m a ramekin girl, too, and had to laugh, @funshipfreddie, that you didn’t even know the word. Besides useful for cooking small things, they’re great for “mise en place.”

    As to being in the cooler, it was truly only a tiny bit scary. I just felt bad for all the people who were dressed for the 90 degrees we had that day, and was also feeling frustrated that the store was out of peeled hardboiled eggs (a task I love to skip) and where we were in the cooler was in the dairy section, so I spent much of my time carefully searching all the racks for boxes that had hardboiled and peeled eggs in them! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Okay, I’m off. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket list for Thursday’s Fast Day

    @daffodil2010 omg it’s time for your boat trip… I can’t remember if I sent the tips to you but let me know and I’ll send some if not…it’s all a bit mad for me this month with busy work, mum etc so it’s highly likely I completely forgot 🙄
    MOST important… pay attention when he shows you how to work the loo… and when mooring moor in a harbour / marina rather than on a pontoon on the river as your boat will rock with the river…
    More later if you need it… let me know.
    I have time later tonight.

    @jaifaim, aww you are a star. Any tips would be appreciated. We are only 4 nights away so won’t be going too far, but already we are looking at maybe heading to Leitrim for the first night, to get used to the craft, then south to Albert Lock on Saturday and beyond.

    I know you went north up to Boyle and 6 locks in quick succession but we won’t be going there this time. CANNOT wait!! Like a child waiting on Christmas Day. So excited at this adventure that awaits 😄

    @daffodil2010 – We didn’t do the multiple locks beyond Lough Key as it takes so long to get through each lock… having said that in 4 days you will cover quite a lot of river… locks are fun if a little stressful in the first one but the lock keepers are great and walk you through what to do…
    Do your grocery shopping in Carrick or beforehand. There’s everything you need in terms of utensils etc in the kitchen.
    Some stand out memories:
    Termonbarry – The Purple Onion – lovely resto 👍. Walk from Termonbarry to Cloondara Harbour which is on the Royal Canal. 2-3km walk maybe…
    Dromod – lovely place to stop for lunch. Walk into village. Fox’s bar and resto – lovely spot.

    Everyone is so lovely and friendly all the way along – you will have a great time.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🤗

    Have alternated between working lots and catching up with friends for walks and coffees throughout the day and tied in my long morning beach walk (@Linda.b inspired by you 🤩) with a call to one of my Frenchie besties who was walking her dog so lovely time had by us in two different countries…
    With mum this weekend so not sure how it will go food wise but there will definitely be a little chocolate 🍫.

    Night everyone and stay safe wherever you are.

    Day 14 Ohio, US — MFD

    The day has been quiet and has gone well.

    @brightonbelle As I read your post, it dawned on me that while I was doing my shopping this morning I didn’t see any hot cross buns out on display. I may have to check tomorrow.

    @flourbaby Hope your cat naps all the hours of darkness tonight!

    @funshipfreddie Isn’t a ramekin just a baby ram — a male lambkin? (By the way, the tongue is in the cheek.) Hope the next round of storms leaves you all unscathed and that there are no fatalities!

    Pocket list for Thursday’s Fast Day

    Day 15 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅


    Gosh this month is flying by and we are already at the halfway mark – can you believe it? How is your month going – are you on track for amazing results on April 30? I hope so 🤞

    You are all amazing anyway and I am inspired by everyone of you whether it’s your energy levels, your recipes, your advice, your zest for life and commitment to this WOL. Not to mention the hilarity of some of the posts… and the new lingo I’m picking up daily 😂

    Hopefully you will all have a lovely Easter weekend and some precious time out with friends and family along with some well deserved tasty treats 💛 🐣

    I feel like I’m committed now to getting my body to a good place for the future and I’m making (mostly) good choices and posting regularly is working well – hopefully that habit will be just that by end April.

    I have not quite got back to my regular morning exercise so going to try push that for the second half of the month – I’ve fitted exercise in but could do better and morning exercise really sets me up well for the day. Have been on the dry 🚫 but will have drinks next weekend maybe as have some nights out planned – first time in the city for dinners and drinks in a very long time. This weekend my focus will be with mum but interspersed with some walks and catch-ups with friends and family. She can’t be left on her own for too long but these days she sleeps for Ireland so mornings are generally free for fun or chores (no fun 🤣).

    I’m seeing teeny results on the scales but do feel it in my body and in my clothes so that’s brilliant. I was complimented twice yesterday on how svelt I look and, believe me, there is no where else where I would feel comfortable saying this let alone typing it out (cringe) but I really was so chuffed 😊.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 15 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Very easy FD yesterday and PFDS has set in this morning as the scales were down 1 lb, so a new weight to maintain!

    Really good how my eating/drinking habits have changed since I joined this group in July 2019. The ‘Inner Warthog’ has been banished for good, but I keep an eye on the defence system, the scales 😉

    In fact that’s how I view the scales nowadays, I weigh in once a week and have 2lb to play with as a buffer zone. This morning I was down to a new weight, the buffer zone stays at 2lb but the overall figures have moved downwards.
    Been doing this since November when I felt I was at a weight I felt happy with and can maintain without too much effort.
    In fact very little effort has gone into it with the exception of 2 FD’s per week as my eating and drinking habits have changed so much without a ‘warthog’ to feed 😉

    Local Osprey sitting on nest now, she laid her first egg on Wednesday.

    Take care all

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @flourbaby – I’m originally from ‘up north’. We’re simple folk, & I doubt anyone in Manchester has ever bothered to eat anything so small & finicky 😜

    @matpi – 😅 I’m sure you’re right – a baby ram! 🐏

    Pocket List – Day 15 🐣

    Day 15 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 211 lbs. And the Easter eating weekend begins! Let’s keep it together through the start of next week 🙂

    Good luck, all!

    Day 15 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    I’m planning this water fast with fear and trepidation. I’ve been planning it all week, but it feels really hard this time, dunno why. It’s a mental thing, that I know, so I just have to strengthen up my RESOLVE to be strong enough to overcome the mental fear.

    @jaifaim “Svelte”??? That’s my favorite word for looking good, so I’m thrilled for you!

    @i-hate-lettuce Well done on the new pound down!

    I’ve not slept well all week. The house is clean and entirely picked up (well, the public spaces, anyway), but on top of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services, and choir rehearsal on Wednesday and guests over for Easter…we have a wedding tomorrow. Yup. The day before Easter. It’s because of Covid: so many weddings were postponed that reception venues are still really hard to find, apparently. Thus, my stress, LOL. I keep reminding myself that all I have to do is play for it, so that’s two hours tops, and I know it will be fine, but I’ll sure be glad when the wedding is over and I can think only about finalizing plans for Easter! It also helps that the two families are both lovely, and the couple is really sweet: it’s a fun wedding to play for.

    Okay, I’m off! Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 15 🐣
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Day 15

    Trip concluded and it was so wonderful to spend so much time with my father. Endured some family drama (you would think my siblings could have held it in for a time that was not my father’s 90th birthday, but what can I say). Weather was pretty ugly most of the time, so didn’t get in the photo walks I had wanted. But I got in my daily exercise in 75% of the time. Before anyone congratulates me, I ate with restraint only 25% of the time so my unofficial weigh in when I got home was up 2.5lb.

    I know it will be fine, and I’m eating under TDEE until I resume fasting M &W. I regret it, but Yet again, I don’t really I had a fantastic time. I just have to be disciplined and get back down as I am flirting with the tip top of my ‘never to exceed again’ weight.

    We have a weekend planned full of much needed yard work, and that should be helpful. I’m preparing chicken breast in the sous vide and will pair it with my frozen veg packages for meals until I do a grocery pick-up next week. The only junk food in the house is DH’s stuff which doesn’t tempt me, so I’m hopeful that avoiding temptation will not be too difficult.

    Went outdoors to do my hula hoop exercise today. I walk the length of the bricked area in the backyard while hooping. lol, today I had an audience- the neighbors are getting a roof replaced on the garage near our yard and the roofers all waved and smiled at my activity. Usually only the neighborhood stray cats can see me so it was a very odd feeling.

    I see so many of you have holiday doings this weekend and hope everyone has a good time!

    Day 15 Ohio, US — NFD

    This morning’s weigh-in showed a loss of about 240g. Looking back on the last two weeks in the food diary showed me that eating was much more irregular than usual, so the task for the next week is to get back to the routine.

    @mariaelena Maybe the roofers and the stray cats are kindred spirits? 😉

    @stitchincarol Have a great time at the wedding! Do you also stay for the reception afterwards?

    @ihatelettuce Fantastic accomplishment — staying at maintenance! You show me that perhaps I can get down to maintenance also.

    @brightonbelle No hot cross buns around today either! Usually (at least before the pandemic) the stores would be chock full of them at this time. A little mystery.

    Day 16 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Not a lot to report this morning, all ticking along here, need one last delivery to finish Mrs I-h-l’s ‘reorganisation’ (unit currently sat in delivery depot!)

    Realised it was time to sow some seeds ready for the summer plants, so trays in the greenhouse yesterday. Keeping it simple this year, have grown on a lot of herbaceous plants the last year or two, so plenty of perennials. Topping up with easy to grow, but showy Cosmos and Cornflower, the planters this year, all begonias, non stop flower right up to the first frosts of winter.

    Take care all, not too many Easter Eggs 😉

    Day 16 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏻‍♀️

    Congratulations on your new maintenance weight @i-hate-lettuce! 👏
    @mariaelena fair play to you for not only getting back to your exercise but on top of that, entertaining the roofers – that’s so funny! So glad your trip went well and happy birthday to your dad – what a great age!

    @stitchincarol wow you are a busy lady! I hope the WFD went well and I’m sure you will play beautifully. The newlyweds must be so grateful to you for playing and contributing to their special day. 💕

    Enjoy your Saturdays all.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 16 UK NFD

    Enjoying the lovely weather Off for a lovely walk on the South Downs followed by lunch and drinks , I’ll be on the list Monday to reset Have a great weekend all

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    PFDS for me! 🎯

    Wishing everyone a happy & peaceful Easter weekend 🐣 🐰 💐

    Day 16 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800 or even 500

    Yesterday’s WF succeeded without much struggle, much to my astonishment, LOL! I’d like to have minimal calories today to ensure a lovely fit to that Easter skirt, but whether it’ll be OMAD (which would be 500 calories) or a small lunch (which would land more at 800) depends on how hungry I am by lunch. I’m good either way, so we’ll just see how the day plays out.

    @i-hate-lettuce I’ll bet Mrs IHL is enjoying all the redecorating that’s been going on, and hope the last piece gets put in place without any undue difficulty!

    @mariaelena Yeah, the midwest weather has not been the loveliest over the last week-plus, but I’m glad you had such a lovely trip. And to have gained less than three pounds is PHENOMENAL. You’ll have that off in no time at all…and we’ll be glad to have your chatter added to our daily updates!

    @matpi Nice job on the loss! As to the reception, normally DH and I would go, at least for a little while, but the couple didn’t even invite us, which was a relief. And then DH told me last night that they did indeed invite us, but only verbally, at the rehearsal on Wednesday, and he wanted to go at least for the dinner. I snorted. The wedding is at church, a block away. The reception is at a venue barn, forty minutes away. “Too bad,” said I, “because I don’t have time to go and, besides, I already have dinner planned.” He reluctantly acknowledged we simply don’t have time, so we’re staying home. The dear man feels bad not to go, but I figure if they actually wanted us there, they’d have sent us an invitation. 😜🤷‍♀️😁

    To all the rest of you, may your Easter be lovely, however you spend it, and may the jelly beans and hot cross buns (which are also not available in my grocery store) not be too tempting!!

    See you all on Monday!

    Day 16 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. April has not been much of a success so far at this midpoint. Sort of stalled out and still haven’t see the lower numbers from back in early March. I’ve got to refocus on the big principles:

    1. 5:2 in any iteration is good. This is the basic principle.
    2. Not overdoing it on NFDs is part of #1. With that in mind, add these Fung-based concepts:
    a. Don’t snack between meals.
    b. Severely restrict artificially sweetened drinks and foods. Same for processed starches.
    c. Eat only if hungry. Choose high fat, high protein, and lower calorie fiber-filled foods over carbohydrates in a meal make-up.
    d. Drink more water!

    Here’s hoping for a kind Easter weekend!

    Day 16 — 16:8 CD

    Lots to do, noticed my calendar still on March (no surprise since I was away most of April) but strange to realize the month is 1/2 over.

    Very muggy here today and not enjoying working in the yard, so we wrapped up early. Tomorrow forecasts slightly cooler with sun, so we’ll tackle the rest of the yard work tomorrow.

    Hope all have a good weekend!

    Day 17 Wellington, NZ – NFD

    Have been really unwell and have not been doing 5:2, starting back again Tuesday 😊

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