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  • I commenced this program in earnest yesterday at 95 kgs with the intended goal of losing 25 kgs. In regards to my TDEE on non fast days do I try and stick to the calculations for my goal weight TDEE or my current weight TDEE calculations.

    if I commence my TDEE at my starting weight this must be adjusted accordingly as the weight decreases and the required TDEE changes. Is that correct?

    Appreciate any assistance in clarifying this



    You can use either, but you will obviously lose weight faster if you use your goal weigt TDEE. It has two added benefits:
    – while losing weight you will learn how to adjust foods and serving sizes to your goal weight TDEE. This is important if you want to maintain your weight loss.
    – Your TDEE changes with every kilo lost. To avoid the continual adjustment it’s easier to aim for approx your goal weight TDEE.

    Thanks for the prompt response . I have used the goal weight tdee as my allowed calorie intake for non fasting days. I will have my first fasting day tomorrow (Monday) and my other fast day will be Thursday. I
    I must admit I have not quite used my allowed calorie intake the first two days but have eaten as per the guidelines and apart from a headache have not really been hungry. Drinking a lot of water and hot drinks and looking forward to working toward my goal weight.

    Cameron, sounds as if you are off to a good start.
    Keep posting so we can follow your progress.

    Thanks for the support LJoyce and fasting_me. I have changed mt two fasting days for this week to today and Friday and will revert to Monday’s and Thursday from next week. So far so good and despite slightly going over my inended fast day allowance no real damage done. Manage through day ok more when I get home following dinner that my resolve can weaken. I lost 12 kilos following the 8 week blood sugar diet in September 2017 and decided to revert to the Fast diet regime for my second serious weight loss attempt as it is not quite as restrictive particularly here in Melbourne Australia in the winter months.

    My results from the 8 week BSD enabled me to go off insulin injections and I am hoping once I get to my desired weight range I can cease my other type 2 medications.

    Thanks again for your advice and support

    Hi Cameron:


    Keep up the good work!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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