Accidental ketosis on fast days

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  • I am new to this, only one fast down and planned my fast day to the calorie. I experience fluctuating blood sugar levels when eating sugars (even fruit) so made sure on my fast day I had protein for breakfast (egg, with veg scrambled), lunch (turkey with low calorie veg), and dinner (tuna with more veg).

    When I woke the next day I had an awful taste in my mouth and seemed to be producing more saliver than usual. Even though I have had a normal eating day today, the taste is still there (7pm at night). I wondered if I had triggered an accidental state of ketosis in my body. I don’t want to experience this every fast – does anyone have any suggestions as to if this is what happened?

    Yeah, it’s probably ketosis. It’s not a bad thing as it means your body’s munching fat but it is a nasty taste in the mouth. I get it off & on (been 5:2ing for well over a year now). It doesn’t seem to be noticable to other people but to avoid any embarrassing bad breath moments or having the taste in my mouth I tend to keep a supply of sugarfree very low cal mints/chewing gum at hand.

    You’ll get used to it anyway. It’s a small price to pay and as I say it doesn’t seem to affect other people (noone avoids me because of bad breath or anything) it’s just a comfort thing for yourself more than anything. Usually wears off after the first non-fastday, so if you do your 2 fastdays with only a day between them, you’ll find you spend half the week with no ketosis taste at all and possibly some ketosis during the other (fasting) half – no biggie.

    Thanks Traceyj,

    The mints is a good idea. I might take you up on that suggestion. I felt quite uncomfortable though with the taste, so on my second fast day today, I had half a piece of toast with breakfast to try and up the carbs just slightly.

    I was wondering how long it takes for people to start and see results?
    I don’t have a lot to lose, 5kg max, but I’ve been trying to lose these 5kg for two years, and have had success in losing a kg or two, but then put it on again quickly. If this can provide me with a method to get to where I want to be, and not yo yo, I would be so relieved.

    I’m new to the forum and the 5:2 diet, have just had my first Fast Day yesterday. My mother and her family are all diabetic and I’ve been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Before “officially” embarking on the 5:2 diet, I did skip lunch last Friday and Saturday to have a taste of fasting, or hunger and to see how well I could cope with it. My blood glucose of those 2 days ended up to be impressively good, which I thought I have the “mini fast” to thank for. It also encouraged me to give the 5:2 diet a go. However, my blood glucose test results on the first Fast Day and the following day were significantly higher than last Friday and Saturday (where I skipped lunch and had a fasting window for 10+ hours).
    Does anyone have any idea if it is kind of “ketosis”? Should I go on with the 5:2 fasting for another week or two in order to see if the glucose level stablise and/or drop? Or is the raised glucose level a sign that fasting is doing harm to me?
    Thanks in advance!

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