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  • Hi everyone – have appointment with GP this am to tell him about going on diet – have Diabetes 2 so need to let him know – intend to start my 1st diet day tomorrow.
    BUT since reading the book last Thursday I have downloaded MyFitnessPal to my iPad and have been recording my calorie intake since in readiness for my fast days! In that time the scales record I have lost 1.2kg!!!! and I have not even started to fast – so am very encouraged. All I can say is I must have been eating well over my calorie level. Am still going to record calorie intake on non fast days to make sure I do not binge too much.
    Also had a big encouragement yesterday mentally. Had breast removed in 2005 because of cancer, plus severe chemo a radio therapies and have been on anti-hormonal cancer drug since. Saw oncologist yesterday and declaired clear again, so he said to stop medication and come back in a year! What better news can one have before one starts a fast day!!!

    OK – I’m off – 1st fast day tomorrow and then Tuesdays & Thursdays from next week. If all goes well tomorrow – and don’t expect it not too – may do second fast day Friday this week. GP not convinced about diet but said go-ahead and see what happens. He was concerned about high blood pressure I have had for a while despite medication, but told him I did not want anything more until I see what happens with diet but will keep on medication for Diabetes. Will go back to him in a month or so to report – I expect him to be astonished!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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