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  • My husband and I have just completed Week 8 and I am down 16 pounds and my husband just under 14 pounds. I was/am pretty overweight – I still have another 30 pounds to lose – but for this serial dieter, the Fast Diet is certainly the easiest modified eating program I have ever been on and one I can see myself sticking to for the long term.

    We fast on consecutive days (usually Monday and Tuesday) and don’t eat anything. This is what works for us – we find it easier to just not think about food at all during the fast and get it all over and done with in 1 go. But boy, breakfast the day after a 2 day fast is ambrosia (I like smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on toast to break my fast).

    The last couple of weeks the weight loss has – as anticipated – slowed down. Up until now I have been doing little to no exercise (but have been an avid exerciser in the past). My plan was always to first integrate fasting into our lives, then incorporate some exercise. So I have started a running program this week and hope that will keep things moving along.

    Anyway, just wanted to share a little of our story. Our experience with the Fast Diet has been nothing but positive – the changes in energy, clear mindedness, mood and last but not least body shape has been truly astounding. While I wish I had found this program years ago, I can only be grateful that we have found it now.

    Ms O

    Congrats on your wonderful progress. I’m just two weeks in, so I truly appreciate when those of you who’ve been at it a bit share your success stories. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hi, MsOiseaux – That’s great going, for both you and your husband. It sounds like you really know how to use the 5:2 system well. Enjoy the running and I wish you continuing success.

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