6 Weeks in – No Weight Loss

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6 Weeks in – No Weight Loss

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  • Hi All,

    Interested to hear others thoughts on this.

    Been on the fast Diet (Mon / Fri) for 6 and a half weeks (7 tomorrow) and I haven’t lost any weight whatsoever. Not even 1lb. I am 6ft and weigh 12 stone. I have rather large ‘love handles’ that I was hoping to shift with the Fast Diet.

    I’m not gorging on fatty foods necessarily on non-fast days – nor am I eating more than 2400 calories on non-fast days.

    My theory is that my eating habits over the years have fluctuated. I suppose it is not uncommon for me to forget to eat until the evening or that I have been under-consuming my necessary calorie requirement sporadically for some time. I suspect I sit somewhere around an average of 1700 a day. So I suspect that my body is clinging on to fat (presuming that ‘Starvation mode’ is a real thing)

    On my fast days – I have been sticking to clean 600 calories, green vegetables, mushrooms (no white carbs) Mainly anything from the FD Recipe Book…

    Any thoughts or similar experiences?


    Something doesn’t add up? By definition you are over the course of the week eating exactly what you expend. People bandy around the starvation thing too easily. Unless you are down to about 4% body fat or less you are not going into starvation mode. Your insulin levels may however be quite high. If they are high then there is no way you can access stored fats for energy. Try going very low carb on non fast days. No processed grain based foods at all. Try going zero calories on your fast day.

    There is a huge difference between 1700 and 2400 calories. Perhaps you are under estimating how much you are actually eating?

    BillyWhizz – I used calorie restriction for 4 years and the first two years I saw my weight drop from 106kg to about 93kg. However at that point I stopped losing weight. I was working out hard and eating less than 2000 calories a day. My workouts were mostly cardio. Over time I did gain fat and lose muscle and my weight held steady.

    During this period of under eating I had many negative symptoms. The worst being a rather constant and nagging hunger. I was following the idea that only the amount of calories consumed mattered. I stuck it out and was often miserable.

    However I was always experimenting some and after two years of not losing weight I just gave up my daily treat, an ice cream bar. I then noticed a huge improvement as my hunger started dying down. Over a few weeks I figured out it was the refined sugar and I made food swaps and cut way back on added sugars. The amount calories I was eating actually went up as I started eating a lot of nuts. My fat started melting off and my weight dropped to around 86kg. Then I started fasting and now my weight is often below 80kg. I probably call it good around 75kg.

    These days I don’t care much about the calories, I eat for nutrition. Mainly I have very limited amounts of processed foods and mostly just avoid added sugars. I do eat fruit and cutting fruit wasn’t helpful for me.

    We are all different but I really doubt you ate a little as you claim because I don’t from experience there can be a lot of negative side effects. You average calories were likely much higher than 1700/day, likely you are just aware of what you really ate. I know it was difficult to eat less than 2000 calories of food a day and I’m not as tall as you.

    Still many of us have found that cutting out foods with added sugar really helps with losing fat around the middle. My guess is you are eating a lot of processed foods. Low fat processed foods are a great way to add fat to your middle. Some standard foods like white bread are pretty bad for that too.

    Your weight isn’t that high, you probably just need to burn off some fat. Nothing is better than fasting for that. I recommend just water fasting for 36 hours and then eating as healthy as you can for the non-fast days. It works for me. My weight loss is slow but it is continuing year after year. Frankly I’m happy with losing a few kilograms of weight a year while putting on more muscle.

    I hope you figure out what works for you.

    Another thought, as body fat gets lower it gets harder to lose weight, at least that has been my experience. 6 feet and 12 stones means a BMI of about 26. If there is much muscle mass at all the body fat level wouldn’t be that high, probably less than 20%. It might take a lot of hard work to knock off the love handles.

    In my case I calculated that even if my body fat was 0%, I would still have a BMI over 23. Of coarse one can stop working out and let muscle mass reduce, however that will make it harder to burn off the extra fat.

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    @anabel. I thought everyone was already well aware that the BF diet was a scam? Moderators please do not remove the post by anabel so that newbies are made aware that not all posts are genuine.

    Olivia, surely you jest. Weight loss supplements are money down the drain. YES! Fasting works.

    BillyWizz, I suggest you tally what you eat on a Slow Day and see if it really is 2400 calories. Where did you get that figure for your TDEE? Seems rather high to me. If you took it down to 1900, you might have more success.

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    Must be eating too many calories on the other days? I personally have lost weight more easily than any other diet in my life. Also have found my attitude to food has changed for the better. Good luck with modifying your diet the feed days!!! Hope it works for you!

    Wow I cant believe how much interest this post has generated from “first time posters” and the “advice” they have given. Im talking @collins, @olivia, @anabel. I wonder what sort of replies they will post in the future? More advice pointing to websites perhaps?

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