5 Weeks to Wedding Day

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  • Hi everyone,

    Very pleased to report that in the 8 weeks that my girlfriend and I have been doing the Fast Diet that I’ve just gone over the 5kg loss mark, going from 72.8kg to 67.8kg. I’m a fairly fit 5’7″ 38 year old who had never previously had to diet, but I’ve been 5 kg over my ideal weight for several years. (But on the high limit of ‘NORMAL’ according to BMI). My body fat (according to my fairly innaccurate John Lewis scales) has reduced from 35.5% to 22.9%. I’m so darn chuffed, it’s unbelievable…! I feel slimmer, fitter and have more energy. I’ve lost 1 inch on my neck, so am able to get into my old 15.5″ shirts and can get back into 30″ waist jeans.

    My girlfriend, who’s incredibly petite at the best of times, but had early 40s ‘weight creep’, has also had impressive weight loss incomparison to her body size – but I’ll let her post details of her exact figures! She’s exceptionally pleased as well to have found a regime (it’s more than a diet!) that works and that’s matched to a 21st century western life-style.

    We’ll be looking fantastic on our wedding day thanks to the Fast Diet – so many thanks owed to all, Michael, Mimi and all on the original BBC Horizon series, and at the research institutions that assisted in pulling togther this plan. I’m eternally grateful.


    Well done and have a lovely wedding – i’m assuming it wont be a fast day that day !! 😉

    congrats! wish u both a continued success in health & love


    Congratulations to you and yours, and wishes for a lovely (and forever) wedding!

    Thanks for the lovely messages all – yep, the wedding day will definitely NOT be a Fast Day! 🙂 We were pleased that last week, where we couldn’t fit in a Fast Day due to a day at Wimbledon and other plans, (so basically had one week off) that we’ve stayed at the same weight. This was even after our Wedding Tasting one evening at our venue, where we had a total of 19 dishes of delicious food placed in front of us one evening (albeit shared between us). Yes, we didn’t eat everything of course, but we were worried we’d pile of the kilos due to the splurge, but amazingly it didn’t have too much of an effect and pleased to report that it didn’t really put us back. I stayed appromimately the weight. We’ve both now gone on to a maintanence regime of one Fast Day per week now, as we’ve both had our final fittings for our wedding outfits, and don’t want to lose much more weight before the big day.

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