31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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31 Day March 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 1, Dunsborough West Aust, NFD
    Goal: Ditch 2kg

    Good morning @at. Busy day for you today getting all these stats and goals in place. Thanks so much doing this for our group. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s journey.

    Happy fasting everyone…

    Second Post:
    @lany36 – I hear your pain. This weight loss thing can be soooo frustrating and can take over our lives. I absolutely hate how I look and feel most of the time for not being able to sustain a healthy lifestyle and look after myself better. But you’re onto it (and so am I). You may have put on last month, but over the long haul you are trending downward and you’ve gotta be happy with that. We all know what to do, but why is the theory so difficult to put into practice. Maybe we are like all people with addictions, and can’t begin the forward journey until we reach rock bottom. Sounds like that’s where you are now, and aren’t you pleased you can see it. It takes a long time to come to the surface and now you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to haul yourself up and over. And remember, you didn’t get to be like this overnight, so it won’t be overcome overnight. If it took years to put on, then allow yourself time to get it off. You really are heading downwards. You’ve had a lapse… that’s all. We’ve all lapsed from time to time in the past, and probably will again.
    All the best…. we’ve gotcha…

    Last post of the day catching up on the latest to sign in for the challenge

    Welcome to @bsp3, @haberchic, @devb (never too late to join) and @fayefaye

    Welcome back @ratatouille, @cboz, @missymoomoo, @johnnyr and @wtharvey


    I will be busy for the next couple of days updating the spreadsheet with your details as you sign in for your first day – if you wish to share in your post on Day 1 (i.e. 1st March) the following information I will input the details into the spreadsheet (but none of these are essential to be part of the challenge!):-
    – Where you are from
    – What your starting weight is
    – What your goals are

    I may not be able to answer all the posts but I’m sure others will (as you can see this is happening already) this has been a very supportive forum since it’s inception in May 2016 by @coda.

    Our unofficial motto has been “Together we are stronger” – cannot remember who?? started this but it seems to be a good one as it has been repeated often by many!

    Officially day 1, UK time. FD. Should really be sleeping (tiredness = hunger, not good!) but been chatting to sister until now. Looking forward to tomorrow though, already have all my 500 cals planned.
    Would love to lose 12kg by August (thats 2kg a month, totally doable right?). We can do it! 🙂

    Second post today … I ball parked some bad math … if I want to lose 0.5% of my body fat a month that is 450g not 900g. Still seems like a lot. Well it is just over a US pound and people often claim that you lose a pound a week on 5:2. Still there are lots of things that can be in those pounds lost. 4 years ago when I was in the mid 30% range for body fat, a pound of fat wasn’t that much. So it is a matter of where you are in the equation.

    Day 1 – Perth, W.Aust – NFD – starting weight 72.3, goal 70kg

    Woohoo, day 1, new month, new challenge. I was so happy with my January results, good weight loss through 5:2 and increased exercise, and February was a focus on maintaining that loss, still doing 5:2 and a little less exercise. I’m so pleased that it worked that I’m now ready for a new challenge, a little more weight loss for March.

    I played around with the 5:2 a bit in February and what I learned about me is that I don’t do back-to-back fasting (the stress outweighs the positives), I definitely need those 500cal on FD’s (and that you can eat quite a lot if you get the food right), and that I do best when I have at least 2 NFD in between each FD. I also learnt that I can be flexible with days that allows for important occasions and I don’t lose my mojo.

    Welcome to all those trying 5:2 for the first time, also great to see some familiar names from January and thank you again @at for hosting.

    Together we can “March” forward with confidence and determination.

    Day 1 FD country West Australia
    73.0 kgs
    Approaching March with mixed feelings. Having been very diligent diet-wise for weight loss, I have not really lost any weight. Well 100 gms over 4 weeks doesn’t really cut it with me. My weight has gone up and down 400 gms a day and then yesterday really jumped up 600 gms meaning no real loss for Feb , and January the same.
    I will stay with 5:2 for other health benefits but seriously starting to consider other options for weight loss. It really is unsustainable for me to keep to the restrictions I have been since November. I am eating fairly well but have been conscious of not eating junk food, watching portion size, cut down carbs, keeping to TDEE, cut down most treats with little effect for 2 months. I know plateaus happen but not sure what to tweak to make it sustainable long term.
    Just cant honestly see myself keeping it up long term if results don’t improve.
    Oddly enough I had the best results when I counted calories and crunched the numbers – and that is seriously not a sustainable long term option for me but might have to revisit it for a week or 2. Had got a bit complacent with it in Feb.
    Off to exercise class and hula hoop polished and waiting for this afternoon.
    Might have to give up whinging for Lent!!😊
    Here’s to a Marching onwards and hopefully downwards. Will try to lose 2 kgs in March.

    Day 1 NZ FD
    Going well so far.

    3rd post
    Sorry @at starting weight 56.6kg. Hoping to get close to 55kg and maintaing.

    @lilymartin – There are so many factors that impact weight. I know some people do very well with counting calories. For me calorie restriction will work at first but it really messes me up long-term. I wish I knew what would work for you, but I can barely figure out what works for me!

    Second post
    Thanks so much for the pep talks everyone.
    It’s heartening to know I have such wonderful support behind me. It’s also really helpful to read there are at least one or two others in a very similar situation.
    I’m going to daily weigh, I’ll also commit to counting for a while but not get too manic about that.
    I’m taking on board the suggestions to check my portion sizes and make it easy for myself.
    I definitely need to focus on healthy options and plenty of veges, I used to stick to a fairly consistent set of meals in my skinny days because I knew what they added up to and it removed all the brain work.
    I think for a while I’ll try something similar again, it eventually creates boredom but it might help to minimise the preoccupation with food if I know I’m having the same stuff and it adds up to the right amounts.

    Day 1 Sunshine Coast Aus FD for real!

    Starting weight is way up on beginning of February, mainly due to failed fasts and deviation from the straight and narrow and water retention as a result. Goal: 103 kgs. Weight today started at 109.1kgs, but now 108.6 kgs. Looked up hula hoops and the one we have here is way too small. Will give it a go anyway. TV still not repaired so will not be able to do the Wii.

    111 starters. Busy month for you, AT. But this is pretty much the norm now. Good wishes to everyone.

    Day 1, Munic / Germany, NFD

    Day 1 – Canberra, Australia – NFD

    My current weight is about 89kg, which is the heaviest I have ever been (including my pregnancies). I want to get to 70-ish by Christmas, but my goal for March is to get to 86kg. I am planning to fast on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but if the Saturday is too hard I will try Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays instead.

    I have had my last chai latte for the month. It was delicious.

    Good luck everyone 🙂

    Day 1 – Perth AUS – FD

    D1 weight: 68.0kg
    D31 goal: 65.0kg

    I anticipate a slow down this month, as last month was great, but I get the feeling that might have been the “easy to lose” layer 😛 Aside from the weight loss goal, my goal this month is to reduce the amount of sugar consumed. And if I don’t lose the kilos, I’d very much like to drop a dress size. I’m teetering on the edge of that now, so I think it’s do-able, and will take it as a win if the scales don’t tip in my favour 🙂 Always good to have a Plan B!

    This month I plan on doing HIIT every day or at least some kind of activity, as I’m quite sedentary at work. Time to say good bye to the lift! Hope my knees can take it 😛

    Good luck everyone! 😀 And thanks @at! I hope you don’t go crazy trying to keep track of us all!!

    Day 1 Oman NFD
    My FDs are Sunday and Tuesday. Goal for month is to stick to 5:2 and 16:8 on other days…the day after a FD is difficult for me to wait to lunch to eat. Get to gym or for a fast walk on 4 days. And I want to lose 2kg in March.

    Good luck to all of us in March!

    Day 1 Melbourne FD – Welcome to all people new to this Forum. It has been my secret weapon, in this lifelong battle of the bulge, so I hope you can make it yours.

    Looks like March is a birthday month for a couple of others here – @dutch we must be nearly twins – I’m a ’57 gal too, and just before mid-March I hit that same number! A few days off the strictest eating plan will be happening here, as OH has all sorts of things planned, and lots of visitors.

    My March goals are to 1. start figuring out maintenance and 2. add some exercise to the mix, as I sit all day and have been awol at the gym for 6 months. I’m not a natural exerciser, so to speak, and have to force myself. I completely understand that it is essential for good health, and always enjoy it when I get there, whether it’s gym, walking or pilates. But somehow it’s like an added extra on the already full list of things that I have to/ought to do. I haven’t yet hit on a way to make it just a routine part life, although I’ve tried getting up a bit earlier (never sustain it), going for a walk after dinner (never sustain it) and middle of the day gym or walk – have sustained that the most. So in March I commit to: go to the gym twice a week in the middle of the day and go for a minimum of one half hour walk on a non-gym day, per week. If that works, I will up the ante in April.

    2nd post.
    @at thought I should give you some stats. Weigh in today 83kg. Would ideally love to get under 80kg but have been trying to do this for a couple of months now and still seem to end up at 83kg. Obviously I am getting side tracked somewhere. I will endeavour to read the posts everyday but sometimes with the hours that I work this can be difficult. OH and I are off to choir practice shortly so that should take my mind off food for awhile. Still haven’t measured myself!!oops.

    2nd post – I thought I would cave in on this FD but have managed liquid-only so far and I think that has given me the determination to see it through for 36 hours. The next challenge will be keeping within my TDEE tomorrow as sometimes I “reward” myself for a good FD with a big meal! So self destructive …

    Day1 Hampshire FD
    Hoping to lose 5lbs in March.


    Day 1 – Netherlands – NFD
    Thank you AT for hosting this. 111 – Wow!
    I’m planning on fasting mondays and thursdays. Hoping to lose about 5 kilo. Starting weight is 69,5 kg approx.
    Hi BiddieV. It’s nice to have a twin on the forum :> When’s your birthday? In real life I have a twin sister. It’s her birthday the 18th.
    Good luck everybody!

    Day 1 – Glasgow = FD

    Goal for March is 8lbs

    Hi, I am new to fasting and have a long long way to go. 8lbs will be a nice start.

    Good Luck to all.

    Day 1 / Sweden / NFD

    Starting weight 90.4 kg (down 300 g from yesterday’s NFD!)

    February was a slow month for weight loss but it was still a positive progression downwards.

    My goals for March are to be more consistent with my weekend walks and maybe even try jogging a little if the ice and snow clear. As many in the group will work their magic with hula hoops, I will try a 30 day squat/pushups/plank program (I’m not sure my wife would approve of me buying a hula hoop and I’m doubtful I can move my body that way in any case! My disco days are long gone!) I will also try to curb my after 7 pm snacking. I’m not hungry in the evening, it’s just a habit.

    My weight goal is to see 87 on the scale so I’m aiming for 87.9 kg a not unreasonable loss of 2.5 kg.

    The support here is great and I wish all of you the best!

    Take care

    Hi AT

    Please count me in for the March challenge! Thanks for organising it.

    Also I hope this is ok, but I can’t check in every day as I am away on holiday for ten days at the end of the month but will check in as soon as I am back (27th March).

    DAY ONE – NFD – Hampshire, UK

    My goal is to continue to lose 1 lb per week. I am 3lb 2oz away from my goal!

    Good luck everyone!

    Day 1 UK FD 🌈

    Hello all, right let’s start this new challenge. After reading all the successes in Feb I’m up for this new challenge, thanks in advance AT 🌹🌹🌹

    Start weight 172.6lbs
    Goal weight 165lbs
    Other goals – waist whittle exercise every day (1 song), exercise sessions 3 a week, FDs 2 a week and drink more water. Overall goal – stick to plan!

    Day 1 – Italy – NFD

    I’d like to join back up please AT. I was having some good results with Coda’s challenges last year. But lost the swing of things and now I’m right back at square one😧
    I weigh 79 kgs
    Goal is 69 kgs

    I will try with a FD tomorrow but my real struggle will be eating cleanly, as sugar has got a hold on me at the moment.
    Good luck everyone

    Day 1 Oxfordshire UK – NFD
    Start weight: 167.2 lbs
    Goal: To stay under 168 lbs for the whole of March
    Fast days are Monday and Friday
    Exercise: no enthusiasm in exercising for the sake of it but hope to go into town a few times and have a good walk round.

    Thank you AT 🍎

    Day1 UK FD start weight 10st 4lbs

    March aims to lose a few pounds but concentrating on firming amd toning ( if that’s possible ) continue with exercises ,currently do 6 days around 1 hour a day but maybe try experimenting and continue to work on being mindful in my choices

    Good Luck all, looking forward to the journey X

    Day 1 -Staffordshire UK-NFD

    Starting weight 153.0lb

    Not going to have a specific weight loss target this month, instead target is going to be to record EVERYTHING on MFP.

    Day 1 UK NFD
    Starting weight 94.9kg
    Goal for March 90kg
    Current Waist measurement 36 inches
    Goal for March 34 inches

    I dropped a couple of lbs overnight, and also found the switch to change the scales to kg, so my start of march weight is different than the end of Feb one. I am keeping length measurements in inches though as it is so hard to get the tension right on the tape I think cms would be claiming too much accuracy. Not that I think the scales are particularly accurate, they say I am only 25% fat which seems very low to me, although I do have quite a physical job with lots of lifting. I chuck sacks of feed and bales of hay about quite easily.

    My goal is quite ambitious and has as much to do with round numbers as anything. It would take me under 200lbs which would feel very significant. The waist measurement would mean my waist is half my height and so is a good healthy goal. I will amaze/bemuse the guinea pigs in the barn with my pretend hula hooping skills this month.

    February taught me so much. It had its ups and downs but confirmed for me how much ADF suits me. I haven’t missed a fast day since I started in November. I attribute this to the rhythm my body has fallen into which really helps me stick with it. I heartily recommend it to anyone for whom straight 5/2 isn’t quite doing the job. I chose it because I read that women my age whose hormones are mucking about can struggle to lose with just 5/2. I am also eating low carb and avoiding processed food but not fat, although as a vegetarian there isn’t very much fat in my diet. I am fairly generous with olive or coconut oil in cooking and eat a fair bit of cheese as these help with satiety and to keep my calorie intake high enough on NFDs to stop my metabolism from slowing down to compensate for having too few overall. I use a 18/6 window on NFDs to keep the length of time my body is fasted as high as possible to improve the hunger hormones and to gain the other benefits such as anti inflammatory changes, improved energy levels, autophragy etc. I am feeling so much better eating like this! Everyone can learn to tweak things to find the best fit for them, it is such a flexible system. And sharing the journey really helps. Together we are stronger:))

    Day 1 – Linards, France. -FD

    Staring weight 68.9 – goal weight 63 kg

    Been doing this for a week now, started at 70.4 kg, so happy that I’ve lost something. I’m an early retiree so have plenty of time to do ……… not a lot 😳. Hopefully logging every day will keep me on track to get to my goal weight.

    Day 1: Glasgow, Scotland.NFD
    Weight: 143.5lbs
    Goal: 135lbs (8.5lbs to lose – hopefully 4 in March)
    Feeling: excited, but scared I won’t be able to do it! (Or scared, because I do it, and it doesn’t work)

    Best of luck everyone….

    Day 2. Sydney Australia. Target weight 56KGs. starting weight 59Kgs.
    Hello again. My second post. First NFD (Mar 1) after my first ever FD yesterday. Felt fine today, and actually less hungry than usual at my daily “hunger times” usually 10am and 5.30pm. Is my stomach adjusting already :).
    Just one FD has made me more aware of my calorie intake. More conscious of what I am eating. Ive had 3 kgs sneak on over the last 3 years – doesn’t sound like much but suddenly I’ve noticed my beautiful clothes just don’t fit as easily as before. so Im hoping for a 3kg reduction in March. Strangely – am actually looking forward to my second FD tomorrow (over a glass of wine while writing this!).

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Start weight 10st 2.2lbs. Goal is to reach 9st 12lbs by end March.

    My plan is to continue b2b FDs Monday/Tuesday and will endeavour to not exceed TDEE on NFDs. As many of you know my OH and I stopped drinking any alcohol in the house and we have stuck to that 100% and both feel relieved to be changing a very bad habit. Personally wine is my demon and I have not had any wine but stuck to real ale, in the pub on the weekend and have found that so much more enjoyable. My aim for March – and Lent is to swap my pints of beer for half pints.

    @lilymartin – hang on in. We’re all here for you.

    Very best wishes to one and all for a fantastic March.

    Day 1- Germany- FD

    My goal for March is to lose 2 kg. I work out 6 days a week including cardio and weight training, dancing, cycling, pilates, power yoga. That’s absoloutely fun. I want to eat more vegetables and no sweet six days a week. I will have two days 2-2 fasting aaand one day will be a total feast day and I treat myself 🙂

    P.S1: My big problem is with sweets I hope I can stop this kinda addiction. This is the biggest challenge for me.

    P.S2: My next fast day will be on Friday.

    Day 1 / UK / NFD

    Starting weight for March: 69.4kg.
    Goal weight: As this is my first month I don’t think I have a proper goal, just sticking with it, seeing myself getting back in shape and maybe the scales following too.

    The scales didn’t like me this morning, up by .4kg after what was a substantial FD yesterday from the previous weighing on Saturday after another FD. But I actually didn’t quite make it to 500cal because I was busy running around and may have gone into starving? Might also just be losing water over the first week? Be it as it may, I’m not necessarily discouraged, I have been feeling good on my FDs so far and I have read in the Feb thread that women lose through the measurement tape and not so much on the scales. Is that true?

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Starting weight for March 189lb goal for this month to lose 7lb

    My fast days are Monday and Thursday and I just have a clementine at lunchtime and a meal about 6pm of up to 500 cals. Drinking fruit teas all day really keeps me going.

    Great to see so many folk getting on board, it makes a real difference for me to log in and have all this encouragement 😀

    Day 1 – Californian currently living in France – FD
    Starting Weight: 76.7kg
    Goals for March: To adhere to the 5:2 program and see where it takes me.

    This is my first go at the 5:2. I’m happy to be here!

    Day 1 – Brittany, France – FD

    Started off the day with half an hour on the exercise bicycle – far too wet and windy to go for a walk today! Hopefully this will kick my metabolism into burning a bit more today.

    I’ve just now decided that this will be an extra challenge this month: every day, either half an hour on the exercise bicycle, or a vigorous walk of at least half an hour. Without fail, no excuses! Anyone else up for this?

    @at – 2nd post. Just realised that you may not have picked up my starting weight which I gave you in an earlier post: 67.3 kg. Current BMI: 25. Aim: lose 2 kg in March. 2nd aim: half an hour’s exercise bike or vigorous walk every day. Just thought it might be easier to put it all in a Day 1 post. Thanks for hosting this thread!

    Day 1, NFD – in a big way! But did manage 12,000 steps. Tomorrow is my birthday so that’s definitely a NFD too. I’m planning Monday and Tuesday as FDs.

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD
    Starting wt – 54.4kg (Target 55kg)
    Goal – To Maintain within 1kg of Target

    Lovely sunny morning in Cumbria – Welcome to all on this first day of our March Challenge!

    I’m updating the spreadsheet before going to my regular Yoga class at 1000hrs – we had a couple more join so we are now unto 113 for the month.

    So welcome to @fivetwofan5252 (never too late to join! and just check in whenever you can) and welcome back to @hollylj who was in @coda challenge last year so there will be some familiar names here for you!

    @lilymartin and @lany36 – keep strong – when I plateaued last year for around 3-4 months I found mixing things up helped a lot – doing 4:3 one week, then B2B and 1 FD, back to 5:2 with 16:8NFD – reducing the amount of carbs by replacing pasta with courgetti on some days (still eat pasta once a week! I love spelt pasta with my famous crab sauce!!!! so says OH – his favourite!!) AND cutting down on portion size – I hate counting calories too so I just use a smaller plate and bowl to eat from at home – still do now…….. I have now settled on 1 x FD (400cal) 1 x (water/tea with a dash skimmed milk)FD and do 16:8 on my NFDs which pretty much allows me to maintain without calorie counting.

    Sorry I can’t get to answer all the posts – I will try to catch up at lunchtime and again this evening

    We have all made the first step by signing in for this March Challenge – The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are”

    Hi UK day 1 nfd but controlled

    Starting point 11st 7lbs

    Not caught up on all the posts and away for a few days but hula hoop packed lol and should be able to post.

    Son home from Australia – guess what he has amongst all his goodies Tim Tams! Look forward to sampling them – on a non fast day off course.

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD

    1. Continue 4:3, including 1 liquid fast,
    2. Lose 6.5lbs+, Start weight 1st March – 176lbs
    3. Walk 10,000 steps per day………… rain or shine!!!
    4. Be mindful on NFDs and try to incorporate a few LCHF meals

    As I managed to reach my Feb target, (results posted this a.m. in that thread) this month’s target is to lose 6.5lbs+ which will bring me under 170lbs. I’ll have to be a little bit more mindful on NFDs this month, but at least I only have one B’day per year, and I managed THAT in Feb, without gaining 5lbs!!!

    As I start my week on a Sunday with weigh-ins and food planning for the week, I’ve already completed 2 FDs this week, Sun & Mon, this was my 2nd b2b – liquid fast Sunday and standard 500cal fast on Monday ( Those pocketeers (you know who you are!!) REALLY made ALL the difference)

    @at………… I have faith you’ll keep us all on the straight and narrow, and we’ll all be chipping in with our tuppence worth when we spot a challenger teetering on the cliff (wagon) edge…………….been there, done that!!!!!

    Newbies, the support and advice from the veterans WILL make this easier, I found re-reading inspirational posts during difficult days such a help, stay strong!!! I would make ‘daily posting’ an aim, but I know I will do it anyway because I NEED the support and guidance my fellow challengers give so freely!!

    Good luck everybody, we’ve GOT this!!!!!

    Hi- day 1 – New Zealand – fast day
    Day gone well, was busy at work so that helped.
    Goals to lose 2 kg this month, do 2 fasts a week and eat Lchf the rest of the time plus up my exercise.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Target for March to have under a stone left to lose so 6lbs off.

    I’d like to come back on board please. I have lost 28lbs since starting 5/2 in September and gone from 30.6 bmi to 26.4, but I still have 19lbs go and it is feeling very slow. The last time I lost well was 9lbs in November when I was part of this challenge group. I put on a pound over Christmas, lost 5 in January and only 2 in Feb so I feel I need a reboot with some additional accountability. I’ve been reading but not posting here since falling off in December, but ready to commit properly again.

    I would really love to get to goal by my birthday in mid June and start the next journey of maintaining. On the plus side I am exercising more and look and feel so much better.

    Good luck everyone.

    Day 1 Sydney NFD
    start weight 81.5
    goal weight for March 75kg (6.5kg loss)
    goal weight overall 73kg (by mid-April)

    So off we go again.
    good luck everyone!

    Day 1 – Switzerland – FD

    Bit glum that I’m officially obese again, but looking forward to a good FD (mug of green tea in hand).

    Goals for March:
    – 4:3 FDs on Mon, Wed, Fri @ 500 kcals
    – 16:8 on NFDs to goal TDEE @ 1,790 kcals
    – Log everything onto MFP
    – Stick with it!

    My stats: BMI 30 : 94kg / 14st 11lb / 207lbs. I’m not setting a weight goal, but I feel a whole lot healthier when I get under 90kgs and would love to fit into the raincoat I bought last year by the time I go on (a rainy!) holiday at Easter…

    Day 1 Tas Australia NFD

    First day weigh in at 63.7kgs after yesterday’s fd. Goal for the month is to get to 63.0 kgs and then work out how to maintain just below. Will keep up my exercise program too.

    Day 1 | NFD | Bucks UK

    Quick check in…
    Happy 40th Birthday to me.. yey!

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