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  • Hi, this third week’s fasting days have felt the most testing so far. Easy insofar as I know exactly what I allow myself to eat, but felt moody and trouble concentrating later on in the day. I have 200 cal breakfast and 300 cal dinner. Non-fasting days have made up for it. I really look forward to eating how much I feel and my tastes are changing. Looking longingly at fruit and veg, staying firm in not straying past 500 cals on fasting days makes me value them on the other 5. I chose not to eat a choc in the staffroom today and stopped eating shortbread biscuits at home this evening without having to ‘force’ myself.
    Is anyone else finding their taste and appetite changing?

    Hello! I could have written your post myself! This is also my 3rd week and I’m still finding fast days tough. It makes me feel so odd but I’m preserving! My mood and concentration are def. affected on my fast days but agree the thought of normality the next day keeps me going!
    Yes taste and appetite has changed. My husband is also on the diet, I think he appreciates food much more now- says he’s much more sensitive to flavours.
    I’ve lost 5lb so far which I’m pleased with but think and progress will slow. We’ll see! Keep at it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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