2021 Monthly Challenge – Motivational March!

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2021 Monthly Challenge – Motivational March!

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  • Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Having a lovely relaxing weekend, windows open and the smell of freshly cut grass is so sweet, I love this time of year. Super day of rugby yesterday, roared myself sore at Ireland’s success, and the France v Wales was so good.

    Have a great Sunday ☺️

    Day 21 UK NFD

    Coming in to post before I get side tracked by the possibility of food. Good to be reminded what I was going to cook today too! Determined to stay under TDEE today to set myself up for an easier FD tomorrow. So glad there’s no chocolate in the house this week 😀

    It’s wonderfully sunny this morning, not so warm but just right for sitting outside in the garden with a cuppa and reading some of my lent course. I may even take my leftovers lunch outside too. Then bit of gentle garden pottering and planning, coming in to plant some seeds and cook while chatting with DD, then a lovely catch up zoom with a friend at tea time. What’s not to love?

    Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    USA. Day 21. FD800

    Looks like a lovely, sunny day today. I hope it is warm today, as well. It has clearly been warm enough already to allow weeds to grow again!! LOL. If it warms up enough, I will attempt to remove them. It is always best to stay on top of that before in gets out of control.

    Another FD planned. Yesterday’s FD went a little awry, as I was caring for my grandson. It is always hard to eat when he is here, so I wind up grabbing this and that whenever I can. Those foods are usually not what I would care to have for my FDs.

    Hope everyone continues to have a wonderful weekend!

    Day 21 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: a blah 227.0, but staring my 4:3 today! I’m extremely hopeful for 224 lbs. this week. I should get a good reading for my future monthly targets on March 31. I know the loss has slowed, but there is still a long-term downward trend after the small upward bumps every other week. I also suspect the loss may pick up suddenly, and I think I’ll let that be a pleasant surprise.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Day 21 NFD country west Australia
    Had 2 good FDs in a row Day 18 and Day 19 which gave me a bit of impetus to keep my TDEE under control for the past few days.
    Been MIA as a few dramas in family life and work but wanting to stay accountable for the next long while as that helps me get the best results.
    See you on the good morrow.

    Day 22, dunno what kinda day it will be, Aus

    I’m on the road again today so have not planned my usual Monday FD. If it happens, it happens.

    If it’s warm enough, if there’s enough rain, if the sun is not too hot… Weeds grow!! Did you manage to stay on top of yours @ccco? The good thing about the rain here is that it helps soften the ground which makes yanking those little suckers out by the roots so much more satisfying! (Tho that doesn’t sound like bumbling to me…)

    How are you @lilymartin? Hope your family issues don’t become too overwhelming. Good to see you checking in.

    Have a great week everyone.

    Day 22 country west Australia hopeful FD
    @penz, everything is going quite well thanks just busy busy busy with elderly parents/ in laws and doing a lot for them, work, hot weather 😎🥵, farming 🐴🐑, grandchild due in 2 weeks or less 🤰 👶and then the little family coming to stay with us for a while 👪, getting ready for them plus a houseful of guests 👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 over Easter, having to travel to Perth for appointments and car services 🚗, choir practices after work 🎼 – whew! I’m a WOAM !!
    Having a few more meals on the run than I would like and it is sometimes difficult to choose the ‘ lesser of 2 evils’ at a roadhouse if nothing else is open in town for a meal 🍕🍟🥐. ( It kind of sounds like a lot of excuses but …..)
    I am back on MFP and my ‘ good’ CD yesterday was actually 240 calories over.😲
    Again it’s the ‘ unseen’ calories that does it. A handful of hot chips, a large flat white coffee, a bite of DH’s Peters drumstick and whammo !! Over I go.🥺
    But the scales are ever so slowly millimetering their way down and so I am mainly motivated to keep on keeping on.
    Haven’t read many March posts as have barely had time to post but this morning have time for a breather and a cuppa so here I am.
    Hope you are not getting washed away on the east coast of Aus.
    You sure are getting a LOT of rain.⛈☔️⛈🌧 We could seriously do with some, just SOME, not a lot of it. Hope you keep safe and dry.
    Onwards and downwards 🙂

    USA. Day 21. TDEE

    My FD today turned into a TDEE. I felt tired and in need of a break. Tomorrow I will be on again. My grandson comes again tomorrow. He is such a busy active little guy that I am exhausted by the time he leaves but I enjoy every minute with him. He has been such a joy over these covid months. Tomorrow, we will run around the front lawn blowing bubbles. I know he will love that! Yes, Penz, I managed to stay on top of the weeds today. I was surprised by how many are growing already when it is still March but I got every one of them out. I especially liked to keep my front lawn nice, which includes never to have a single weed in it. I plan to teach my grandson golf on that lawn this Summer, so I expect it to remain perfect! LOL. He already has golf clubs, which we have been playing around inside during the Winter.

    Lilymartin, your days certainly sound full and congratulations on your soon to be grandchild’s birth. I so love having a grandchild.

    See you all again when my day is March 22 too! LOL

    second post.
    Now IHL I have to blame you for possibly making me late for work!!
    I read a few of the previous posts and saw all the happy, congratulatory posts about you so instead of preparing to go to work I simply had to scroll back a few days to see what this was all about.
    I am absolutely delighted to read of your good news. 👏 Congratulations !!! What great news.💐
    I know how hard it was for you over the past several months and this is a wonderful result .
    I would have a drink ( alcoholic 🥂) in your honour but have sworn off the booze for the next little while as it is not agreeing with me but I will surely raise a glass of something 🍹 in your honour.😄😃😄
    (And of course I don’t really blame your for my lateness!!)

    Day 22, Emden Germany, FD

    @dvw I have to cut back on eating nuts otherwise my weight will never go down again, they just have to many calories.

    @nellen I hope you feel well again. I have the same problem with alcohol and sugar. If I leave them out for a while I feel much better.

    @lilymartin What a busy life you live!

    Pocket list day 22

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -FD

    Busy week ahead with work, then having to take time Wednesday and Thursday to go to the doctor for my blood tests, 24 hour BP machine, then back on Thursday for ECG and doctors consultation. Hoping all will be ok, but if I have to start BP medicine then so be it.

    Doing an FD today and going to try to make lunch my big meal (it’s only a salad though) and just something small in the evening. Just trying something different.

    Have a great Monday.

    Day 22 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Busy day yesterday in the garden, nice and sunny so cracked on with painting jobs, decking area timber all finished, looking good. There are white walls set back on two sides, one alongside the decking, the other open to the BBQ and drive and then the remaining side is open and a view over the garden itself.
    It really is nice and bright, but also sun trap so we have a sun ‘sail’ rigged up for shade. But, needs painting every other year, but as we spend so much time out there it’s not too much of a chore, so managed most of it yesterday, will do the long wall along the driveway today, then that’s the ‘hard’ garden work finished!

    One thing is that’ll make for an easy FD today.

    Take care all.

    Pocket list day 22

    Day 22 – UK – CD

    Have been feeling distinctly unwell since during Saturday night, disturbed sleep with a tummy bug of some sort which led to an unplanned WFD yesterday (my first in years!!) – could not bear the thought of food – poor sleep again last night and still feeling under par today so for the first time in years I decided to try some porridge around 9am today to see if it helps settle me down a bit…….🤞

    I did do my yoga workshop yesterday afternoon as it was not meant to be a particularly strenuous one and I felt it would help me so we meditated on what this Spring means to us, what we want to give our energy to, and what is ready to blossom in us – planting our own seeds of intention 🌱
    We explored our seasonal breath along with alternate nostril breathing. Our dynamic practice was pretty twisty, and challenged our balance at times. Then we relaxed for a while in a restorative pose before settling down for a spring inspired Yoga Nidra. The idea was to feel ‘Spring Cleaned’ and are now looking forward to welcoming more and more light into your lives. 🙏 I have to admit feeling pretty washed out afterwards!

    Definitely back on the DTF bandwagon and MUST get back to limiting intake to a bottle over the two nights!!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce – what a fab game that was between France and Wales!!! and thanks for clarifying what needs to happen next weekend for either France or Scotland to take the Six Nations title.
    @lilymartin – great to see you back too and goodness me how do you fit everything in……busy….busy……and congratulations on the impending arrival of your grandchild – how fab!
    @daffodil2010 – will be thinking of you this week with your planned medical tests and sending positive vibes your way x

    Right off to have a quick shower now and get ready to face the day after a late start – Planning on taking it easy today and aiming for a healthy CD so missed out on my 7am Broga class – just did not feel up to it but will plan to do a floor pilates class this afternoon if all goes well!

    Take care all

    Day 22 – Canada – FD

    Good morning. I’ll have a good FD500 today after a less than stellar weekend indulging in chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Oh well, that’s over so just need to focus on today. It will be a warm sunny day so I’ll be out for a nice long walk and will do a short HIIT. With all the talk of weeds I may have to see if anything’s popping up in the garden.

    @snowflake56 – I have no more seeds or nuts left in my home and when I’m feeling like I need a snack I’ll have some yogurt. 🙂
    @at -sorry you’re feeling unwell, hopefully you’ll soon be back to your healthy vibrant self.

    Pocket list day 22

    Day 22 UK FD

    Seems like garden tasks are in order for lots of us , we had a planning session yesterday as it would appear we’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden this year

    Hope you’re back to normal soon @at

    Pocket list day 22

    Day 22 – Lisbon, Portugal WFD

    Hello everyone!

    I hope you have had an excellent weekend…

    Last week I did two periods of fasting, one of 36h and the other of 45h 🙂 I’ve been feeling pretty good and awake.

    In the meantime I’ve already lost 5kg!!!

    I have also been reading the books of the Jason Fung.
    “The Complete Guide to Fasting” and “The Obesity Code”.

    Today I’m following my plan and another day of fasting (water, coffee and tea).

    Good week to all!!


    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went well. It is going to be a beautiful day today; so glad I took today off work! The scales were really rocking this morning, so I had to call it, and you know what I’m going to call: 224 lbs!

    I’m pretty sure my March target was a little too ambitious, but we’ll see where the end of the month takes me. I’m just happy to have broken the 225 barrier, even if just by a little bit.

    No ZBC for me today; hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors before the pollen gets really bad in the coming weeks.

    As we wind up the rehearsal, Megan checks her cell phone and informs us that a few of the family and friends are about an hour away from town. This seems to cheer up Rita and John.

    “Are the reservations still on at the restaurant?” asks Rita. “Yes,” responds Megan. “I just need to update our total count. You three will join us, right?” Megan says, looking at me, knowing I really didn’t have a choice.

    “Of course we will,” says Lola. “How exciting that a few of your folks are on the way!” She pauses for a moment. “Does this mean that you have someone else in mind for…”

    Rita interrupts, “oh no! These are some friends from school and work, and a few cousins and aunts. The major players just aren’t going to be able to make it. I know it sounds strange, but we trust you far more than we trust some of those people.” John nods in agreement, “especially your cousin Harold, isn’t that right, dear?” Rita makes a face of horror.

    “Yes, in fact, we better keep an eye on Harold,” Megan says. “He’s one of the family on his way here. I’m NOT sitting next to him at the restaurant.”


    Have a great Monday!

    USA. Day 22. FD800

    Pocket List Day 22



    @ccco. (Until Further Notice)

    Yesterdqay turned into a TDEE,, as I felt I needed a break, but today I am back in business! Waiting for my grandson to arrive for the day, to I know I will have a lot of exercise. Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 22 USA (Utah) NFD

    Just a quick check in – doing fine here. Up at Park City now (some may remember the Salt Lake City Olympics) for some vacay time in the snow. Great restaurants as well.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Well, @ccco, I know EXACTLY where those 4 pounds you lost went: I found them! I’m thrilled for you, and absolutely flabbergasted for me. I did a FD on Saturday; it was not the most successful FD ever, but it wasn’t over 800; of that, I’m sure. On Sunday morning? I was up 4.0 pounds.


    Yesterday was, of course, my day off and consisted of too many calories, but it’s what I allow myself, so it was what it was. This morning, I was DOWN 0.6 pounds. 😂🤣😂 Bodies simply don’t make any sense sometimes, you know? So today is a FD and hopefully tomorrow will have me back down where I expect to be; I know I’m going to make every effort to get as many steps as possible even as I make as much progress as possible on my tax paperwork. Gotta get it done, gotta get it done, gotta get it done…

    @ccco Seriously, I’m thrilled for you; that’s a classic whoosh and must have been SO much fun to see!

    @michelinme Your day yesterday sounds lovely, indeed!

    @lilymartin, I chuckled to read of your schedule, envied you your choir practices (I’m the director of our church choir, but they’re not yet ready to return, so no Easter choir this year), sympathized with your too-many-calories, and then stared at your “flat white coffee” comment. Yesterday, I read in a book about a “flat white” and had to look it up. Had never heard of it before, but think DH would like it. Then, today, you mention it! Amazing, eh? I’m thinking that we’ll go for Starbucks tomorrow (since today is a FD and doesn’t have calories to spare) and get him a flat white and see what he thinks!

    @at Your day is half over at this point, and I hope that porridge helped your tummy and that you’re finally on the mend!

    @northgeorgia The sight of 224 must have been such a joy! Fingers crossed for you that the rest of the week has equal success for you!

    @songbirdme Have fun skiing!

    Pocket List Day 22

    @stitchincarol (always)

    @ccco. (Until Further Notice)
    @northerndawn (until Easter)
    @stitchincarol (until Easter)

    Day 22 MN/USA FD

    @at – I hope you feel better soon! rest and fluids sound like the wise choices.
    @daffodil2010 – Sending positive vibes for your medical test results this week!
    @lilymartin – Congrats on your new grandchild!
    @i-hate-lettuce – Ugh! painting the decking…that’s not a job I care for as it is 10 feet above ground and the wasps seem to think they should find a home under it. I’m hoping that will be on my DH’s list of to do’s this spring.
    @stitchincarol – You are so right….one never really knows for sure what the scale will do even after a great FD. But overtime, you know it will show your progress, even if it looks like two steps forward, one step back.

    Pocket List Day 22

    @stitchincarol (always)

    @ccco. (Until Further Notice)
    @northerndawn (until Easter)
    @stitchincarol (until Easter)

    Day 22 UK FD

    Was a bit too chilly to be gardening yesterday so got stuck into cooking. It was pretty exhausting & reminded me why I need a rest day each weekend. However I have a freezer full of beetroot, butternut squash, pea & red lentil dal – more than enough for the next couple of weeks FDs – plus a pot of baba ganoush to enjoy tomorrow.

    It was my first weekend of writing down everything I eat in an effort to Actually Lose Some Weight. I’m eating to goal weight TDEE so Friday was over by 450, Saturday under by 700 and Sunday over by 370 – not as bad as I’d expected, tho I suspect the writing down helps keep me in check too 🙂

    I’m supposed to have finished reading and done some prep for the week but it’s got a bit side-tracked as i’m mulling things over & my head hasn’t been in good place for project work. But enjoying bright warm sunshine, have had some help in the house and garden and am feeling more on top. Just a couple of deadlines to work towards this week and then it’ll all be new stuff – v nearly caught up with the massive backlog.

    FD today is a bit of a challenge after yesterday’s popcorn fest, and I’m trying to stay away from OMAD evening meals as i don’t seem to lose weight. I’ve just had some dal and I’m making soya chunk masala to have with courgette salad followed by apple & berries. I’ll be running a very early bath and settling down to some reading and v early night.

    @at hope you are feeling better v soon

    Whatever the day brings go gently x

    Day 23, NFD, Aus

    Wow you ARE busy @lilymartin!

    Hope you feel better soon @at. A WFD is always a good thing but not at the cost of feeling unwell.

    Way to go @nuno! Our great achiever.

    Ooooh @northgeorgia, can’t wait to meet Harold!

    Lucky you to have a break away @songbirdme. Snow and restaurants – great combination!

    @stitchincarol, sounds like you’ve swallowed a yo-yo!!

    Yum, @michelinme, I’d love to come to your house for a meal or three.

    Day 23, Emden Germany, NFD

    @dvw My husband has a bowl of nuts every day, I never really cared for them, I just started to eat them as a replacement for sweets. We banned the sweets though.

    @at I hope you feel better today!

    @nuno You’re doing really well, great result!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    FD didn’t happen yesterday although it certainly wasn’t a blow out. I am finding it hard lately to actually FAST. Maybe I will wait to see how my gamut of medical tests will go, as to be honest,I do have it on my mind a lot and not really in form for FD’s.

    I had a lovely relaxing bath before bedtime last night (I cannot remember the last time I did that) and drifted to sleep peacefully,, but then I woke from a nightmare at 12.30, with my heart beating like the clappers and it took a while to settle down.

    Anyhoo, have a good Tuesday, hope everyone is doing well. Missing some old friends, hope they are ok.

    And @at hope you have recovered

    Thanks @northerndawn and @at for the positive vibes.

    Day 23 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Being busy yesterday made the FD incredibly easy going, despite being busy and outside all day wasn’t particularly hungry, although did enjoy a bowl of Mrs IHL’s venison sausage Cassoulet, she made half measures but still plenty left over for today….. Full recipe is for 6 people.

    Minutes to Prepare: 15
    Minutes to Cook: 100
    Number of Servings: 6

    1/2 tsp oil
    6 good quality herby sausages (we use venison or 90% meaty sausage)
    4 celery sticks
    3 medium carrots
    2 large onions, halved and sliced
    2 * 400g tin chopped tomatoes
    300ml water
    squeeze of tomato puree
    1 tsp dried chilli flakes (optional, not for me at the moment)
    1 bay leaf
    5 bushy sprigs fresh thyme
    400g tin cannelini beans, rinsed and drained
    400g tin butter beans, rinsed and drained
    freshly ground black pepper

    Directions … Its a one pot job!
    Brush a cast iron casserole pot with a tiny amount of oil. Add the sausages to the dish and cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes, until nicely browned on all sides. Meanwhile trim the celery and peel the carrots then cut both into diagonal slice about 1.5cm thick.

    Preheat the oven to 180c (160c fan) or Gas 4.
    Add the onions to the pot and cook with the sausages for 6 – 8 minutes, stirring regularly until softened and lightly browned.

    Stir in the celery, carrots, tomatoes, tomato puree and water then sprinkle the chilli flakes in. Stir in the bay leaf and thyme and season well with black pepper. Bring to a simmer on the hob then cover with a lid and transfer to the oven. Cook for 45 minutes.

    Take the casserole out of the oven and stir in all the beans. Cover with the lid again and put the dish back in the oven for another 30 minutes.

    Just before the cassoulet is ready, prepare a garnish of roughly chopped parsley tossed with orange zest. Serve in deep plates or wide bowls with a good sprinkling of the garnish on each one.

    Serving Size: Makes 6 servings, freezes well, excellent as ‘left overs’ the following day.

    Well the pain-ting and decor-hateing went well, as it would being outside work, the las bit to do is to paint the black ‘rain strip’ along the bottom of the walls. A couple or three hours on the knees! Not my favourite task, but I got the rest done easily enough so want to finish today then can enjoy bimbling around the garden now the hard grafts been done.

    Take care all

    Day 23 – USA/GA – FD

    Oops, did I accidentally label yesterday as Day 21? Well, it was like an extended weekend. Overdid it a bit because once again, “leftovers,” and another 4 lb. jump in weight today due to water retention (when will I learn?), but today’s 228 lb weigh-in will hopefully be the highest number I’ll see this week. Will do another FD today and on Thursday.

    Pocket list Day 23
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    USA. Day 23. FD800

    Took a couple of days off but now am back in business! LOL

    Pocket List Day 23
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)
    @ccco (FD800)

    @ccco. (Until Further Notice)

    I am here waiting to leave for my second dose of the vaccine. Hope everyone has a great day!

    Day 23 – Canada – NFD

    Had a very good FD yesterday and I’ll stay within my TDEE today. Good luck all.

    Day 23 – Lisbon, Portugal 16:8


    I finished today my first fast (40h) of the week.
    Additionally, I’m changing my diet. I’m limiting carbohydrates and sugar to the maximum.
    On food days I also only eat twice.

    Does anyone have any additional tips?

    Hug to everyone

    Day 23 UK CD

    Yesterday was much harder than I’d hoped but not that surprising after a popcorn fest. I ate dal, soya masala and frozen berries but my stomach and mouth were still doing the baby bird thing. Added a supper of nuked courgette with vegan instant *cheese* sauce (nutritional yeast, onion, garlic, turmeric, water) and stewed apple with cinnamon and a sprinkling of raisins to come in at 800 calories. My bath didn’t happen as I was too tired which is never good for keeping the dragon under control. Thank goodness there’s nothing in to impulse eat 🙂

    This morning I’m still feeling puffy but scales *down* a whole 0.5lb to 167.5lb – the first time since last year. It’s a hopeful sign to keep me on the straight and narrow this week.

    I had impulse brunch of leftover soya masala – thankfully only 200 calories and very satisfying but i would have eaten almost anything but the fridge is almost empty. I’ll set off for bed much earlier and aim to be tucked up with a book before 9pm. Still lots of reading to do to catch up with my course but my concentration is still struggling post-covid. I’m looking forward to veg box day tomorrow, and Weds lunchtime/Thurs evening adapted yoga classes. Small steps in the big world….

    Day 23 UK NFD

    Good afternoon all, going well just trying to stay busy to keep me occupied until dinner , this is always the worse time temptation wise Catch up tomorrow x

    Day 23 North canton OH NFD

    Apologies for being MIA, I have been so busy at work with too much to do and not enough hours in the day. I am also at least 5 days behind on posts; I hope to get caught up over the weekend.

    I have settled into an alternate day routine, fasting about 40 hours on average each time. BMI is well within normal, all the numbers on my Fit-Index app are green and the scale is hovering in the 163s, inching a little bit back and forth each way, but well under 163.5

    According to my new fancy scale, my body fat percentage has dropped one point, confirming what I thought – I am much leaner than I was 2 months ago. I took a before and after picture wearing the same clothes to compare and there is a distinct difference. Hubby and my friends are impressed and I feel really good about my trends and progress. Weight loss after menopause is possible with the right plan.

    Keep on keeping on my friends, Ciao!!

    Day 23 Minnesota, USA NFD

    It’s a dreary, gray day here, with rain expected throughout the day and night, so no outdoor activities for me. This will be a day spent on tax prep and paperwork, as I have no excuses left for putting it off any longer. I tend towards unwarranted snacking when sitting and doing such paperwork (which I hate). My goal for the next couple of days is to nibble on raw or roasted vegetables only (!) while getting the tax prep done! No sweets for reward! Wish me luck!

    Day 23 – UK – CD

    Thank you for your positive thoughts – glad to report that I’m all recovered and back to my old self and managed two good healthy CDs to boot!
    10k walking on both days and today did a yoga class this morning and an aerobic class late afternoon!

    I decided to avoid my lunch service volunteering today to ensure that I did not spread my bug to the vulnerable group we provide lunch for but should be safe to resume on Thursday

    @stitchincarol – the thought of @ccco 4lbs migrating across to you made me chuckle – I’m sure your gain was an aberration and will disappear as quickly as it appeared!!
    @i-hate-lettuce – I would love Mrs IHL’s venison sausage Cassoulet – shame OH does not eat meat!

    My new scales arrived earlier than anticipated so will weigh myself at the end of the week 🤞

    Watching “The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer on Channel 4” in between writing this post but my kitchen is firmly closed – just a cup of tea and some water by my chair to see me through to an early bed after the show.

    Catch up some more tomorrow

    Day 23 – 2nd post

    I made my quick bean soup tonight (for those nights you just want something fast, but tired of opening a can of soup or having a salad, etc.)

    About 275 calories; ingredients from Aldi’s and Kroger:

    2/3 can Cannellini Beans (with liquid)
    4 oz (1/2 can) mushrooms, pieces and stems
    2 tbsp salsa (I like Aldi’s four pepper blend)
    5 sprigs of fresh cilantro
    4 cheese crackers (Goldfish, Cheez-Its, etc.)
    A dash or two of: cumin, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder to taste

    So simple. Rip or chop up the cilantro. Dump everything except the crackers into a saucepan, mix, and heat through. Pour into bowl and serve with the crackers. I find it strangely satisfying.

    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    I stupidly had a bag of grain chip things – supposedly healthier than crisps but I think my entire TDEE was in the one small packet!! (Then again, I think I’m confusing kj with cals but the shock is worth my not recalculating!)

    Thanks for the cassoulet recipe, @IHL. I’ll add that one to my list. I usually make cassoulet (more traditional style with duck and pork belly) a few times each winter and the weather is definitely heading that way now.

    No tips, @nuno – sounds like what you’re doing is working for you.

    Oh @michelinme, I so know the “stomach and mouth doing the baby bird thing”!

    Glad your scales are giving you good news @basyjames.

    Still busy my end – reading all posts but not posting enough myself.

    Day 24 U.K.- OMAD

    Well it is Wednesday already and I have not posted since last Friday so I am sorry about that

    I had the weekend off from fasting but was actually fairly well behaved

    On Monday I had an OMAD day, that went very well. I did have to eat a whole mini cucumber with salt and pepper as an extra meal, but hopefully I still feel like I had a good day.

    Yesterday was a CD however I spoilt it by having a 250 mls glass of wine!

    OMAD today! I will be aiming to eat my little meal mid late afternoon.

    Happy fasting and good luck to everybody

    Second Post

    However despite my good behaviour I weigh exactly the sane as I did on 1st March!!!!

    Day 24, Emden Germany, NFD

    @daffodil2010 I hope everything goes well with your medical tests.

    @fivetwofan5252 it’s the same here, hardly any change on the scales.

    @northerndawn Stay strong!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Third Post

    @at – do you have those Fat Percentage Scales now? If so, where in the UK did you get them from please?

    @snowflake56 – frustrating isn’t it? That’s why I am thinking about the fat percentage scales…..?

    @basyjames – you’re a great inspiration! Am feeling a bit disgruntled about weight loss after menopause! Especially as these days I drink alcohol so rarely that I get drunk and then a hangover after 250mls of wine!

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Only a week left on March , trying to stick to the plan Really want a result on Friday

    Speaking of which I got the Smart body fat scales from Amazon @fivetwofan5252 They were £21.99 A real step up from my last ones , you sync with an app Very flash

    Day 24 – Canada – NFD

    Good morning. Hope everybody is doing well. I’ve had two good days and today I’ll stay within my TDEE. It’s a dark foggy morning but still lovely. These are some of my favourite days.

    @nuno – it sounds like you’re doing very well, congratulations. My tip is to eat lots of roasted veg, it’s easy, delicious and healthy. A nice combination is broccoli, zucchini (courgette), brussel sprouts and pepper. Spray with olive oil add a bit of seasoning and pop into a 350 degrees oven for 40 minutes.

    @northerndawn – good luck with your taxes (just think how great you’ll feel when it’s done!) and with your healthy snacks.

    @snowflake56 and @fivetwofan5252 – I’m not seeing much movement on the scales either but I know it’s because I’ve been eating too much. I’m determined to stay strong for the final 8 days of this challenge.

    Take care all.

    Day 24 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in today: 225 lbs. I’ll do my final FD of the week tomorrow, and would love to hit 224 again.

    I’ll do a ZBC today, as I have found eating my egg with lunch gives me that extra protein to help me feel satisfied, and saving my banana until about 3:00 staves off the chips and candy cravings in mid-afternoon.

    We walk out of the facility and head about a block down the street to a place called, “Emerald’s.” As it is now about 6:30 in the evening, the sun is beginning to set and the parking lot is starting to fill up. As the six of us walk into the front door, Megan says, “Wedding party. We have a reservation for the private room.” The man nods and gestures for us to follow him past the various other diners in the restaurant who give us a fleeting glance of curiosity.

    “This way, please,” he gestures through a door. The room is quite a bit larger than I expected, and seems to hold about fifty people. We are all alone and choose one of the larger tables at which we sit down and space ourselves around. We are given menus and another gentleman enters, asking for our drink orders.

    Best wishes to everyone today!

    Day 24 – UK – CD

    Good morning – still getting some lovely spring days so making the most of it – lovely yoga class to start my day 🙏

    Planning on continuing with DTF CDs until Friday (no FDs planned for the rest of this week, after that unplanned WFD on Sunday to allow my body to find it’s equilibrium)
    I have a lovely surprise dinner planned for OH and I on Friday night which might involve some 🥂 for me 😉

    @fivetwofan5252 – then new scales are a FitIndex Smart Scale which I ordered through Amazon – I downloaded and installed the free “FITINDEX” App on my iPhone and just followed the instructions to set-up and pair – planning on weighing in on Friday morning officially. It covers 13 different measurements including a metabolic age!!!

    Right off to get ready for at least a 10k walk whilst the sun is still shining – we have been blessed with lovely spring weather recently and there are masses of daffodils around, they always cheer me up ☺️

    Day 24 North canton OH WFD 11

    @at I am so glad that you feel better! I love the metabolic age calculation on the Fit index app; it really motivates me to make good choices.

    @fivetwofan5252 thank you for the compliment. You are right, it can be frustrating and that is also why I wanted a scale that calculates more than my weight – it is helpful to focus on something other than weight, as that is almost never a linear journey. Keep the faith though, my weight stayed exactly the same for two and a half months, but there were changes happening that I could not see.

    @daffodil2010 also hoping that your medical tests yield great results.

    @lilymartin congrats on your new grandchild

    @northgeorgia 224 looks good on you

    @nuno congrats on your loss, you are making all the right moves

    Day 24 pocket list (any takers?)
    @basyjames WFD

    Day 24 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    I had no time and then had no energy to post yesterday; DH and I were out the door early to run to town, and then I was at the blood drive from noon until seven. Sad to say, the scale is not my friend this week, but neither has my eating pattern been very friendly to the scale. It’s not so much eating when I shouldn’t, and making bad choices (I’ve ignored the siren song of the smoked almonds countless times, for example), but the meals have simply been too high-calorie. Last night’s salad for example was completely reasonable, except it was so large that it took lots of salad dressing. And I’m supposed to go out to dinner with a group of women tomorrow night, so my usual FD will be interrupted, and I’ll be challenged to choose something low calorie. This business of losing weight is not for the faint of heart, you know?? Tonight’s OMAD is tuna salad in an avocado half; very healthy, but probably far closer to 800 calories than 500. Oh well, the avocados need eating and I love that combination.

    @penz I laughed out loud at your comment that I must have swallowed a yo-yo! Thanks for finding the humor in an irritating situation. 😘

    Day 24 pocket list (any takers?)
    @basyjames WFD

    I told DH that doing tax paperwork is like climbing a really tall mountain where you just keep going, but you can’t even see the top, and then, suddenly, there the top is; you still have a way to go, but at least you know how far it is to arrive. Well, I’ve finally made enough progress that I can see the top. I’m guessing I have about 6-8 hours of work to go, but it’s really rewarding to see that top!! @northerndawn I’ll be mentally cheering you on today as I work “alongside” you!

    Day 24 USA (Utah) NFD

    Don’t know if or ever I am going to have a FD again while on “vacation” here. Just trying to eat wisely each day. Not always easy….


    Has anyone ever done a complete sugar detox? Not sure how much this appeals to me, but it sure sounded interesting to read all the tings that we eat that contain sugar!

    Onward and downward.

    USA. Day 24. FD800

    Pocket List Day 24
    @basyjames WFD
    @ccco. (FD800)

    @ccco. (Indefinitely)

    Thought I would join the pocket list, as I am doing FD800 every day and writing down and measuring what I am eating. My downfall sometimes these days is overeating in the evening, since I no longer drink my glass of wine. Gotta work on that!!! Anyway, I am glad to see so many have purchased the scale, which I also purchased. I only have one problem and it is due to my lack of expertise with all things tech!
    I paired my scale correctly but the scale is not changing dates when I stand on it, so it doesn’t measure anything. I read everything and can’t figure it out. I guess I will have to find a young person to help me, as soon one of them has a moment to spare. Oh, well!

    I got my second dose of my vaccine yesterday and am feeling so relieved! My state is again doing some really weird things with its rollout and I am glad I am not involved in it for the most part! But there still remains my children!! They are, of course, in the younger groups but I found out yesterday there are ways for them to get the vaccine, too. My daughter and her husband managed to get their first doses last week but my son and daughter-in-law have not. I found out some places where they could go yesterday when I was getting my dose. It has not been publicized but there are places that have been vaccinating people 18 and older for the past three weeks. Immediately, I put my son onto that! I can’t wait until this is all over. The publicity seems to be correct. It is the under 60 group who seem to be getting the more severe side effects and the older ones like me who are not. I have gotten zero side effects. My daughter and her husband actually even reacted to the first dose. Fauci says that is because younger people have stronger immune systems. Well, I guess I am old but that’s life and am happy not to have the side effects.

    I hope everyone is having a nice day. It is raining cats and dogs here but that’s fine. I can have a nice day quietly reading books and resting! 🙂

    second post

    @ccco did you try unpairing the scale and then pairing it again?

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