2.5 Pounds Down…And Feeling Great!

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2.5 Pounds Down…And Feeling Great!

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  • Finished the first week…weighed in on Saturday and have already lost 2.5 pounds 🙂

    Today is a Fast Day and found myself anticipating it! Finding that even on non-fast days I am eating (and wanting) much less.

    Hi, Carla – I’m so glad you were able to do ‘The Happy Dance’ after your first week’s weigh-in – it was a bit of a tense cliff-hanger, there, waiting for your official declaration, after all the build-up! Hooray!!
    I really enjoy your exuberance and vitality – the Gypsy in you, I guess – and how unspeakably glorious to picture you delighting in your food, on the balcony, surrounded by flowers, whilst a humming-bird sups nectar from the feeder hanging nearby. I thrill every time a common Blackbird bathes in the water-trough on my small patio so I think I might die of excitement at something as exquisite as a humming-bird! Many thanks for your input. Enjoy your life and your progress.

    Hi back 🙂

    Thanks Jeanius! Must admit a bit of relief as I would have been so disppointed if I hadn’t seen “results” straight-away. Gives me hope!

    Today being a Fast Day…so my black and white tuxedo cat (Tucker) and my hummingbirds are enjoying tinned tuna and sugar water respectively while I count my 500…lol…and mine is a small patio too…but I’ve managed to surround it with gardens, herbs, and roses. Just added a Boston Fern this morning…gives it that holiday resort feel 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    We can DO this!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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